Poetry - Canadian Male, Canadian Male

It's free, and always will be.
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1. Sky Stained with Tones of Red
2. Living
3. Eventide
4. Waiting For The Rain To Tumble
5. Praying Mental Rosaries, Intoning Words Familiar
6. Plastic Bag
7. Early Morning Love
8. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus
9. Astonished Rocks Scatter Like Fragrant Stars
10. The Sleeping Clouds Dangle Like Rocks In The Skies
11. In The Beginning, In The Wet
12. Growing Vines
13. America, Narcoleptic Pit Bull
14. I Might Demolish Every Whisper Ever Rumoured
15. In The Morning She Hums
16. The Same Sort of Rooms
17. Shadow Thoughts And Broken Hearts
18. This Amazing Living
19. White Bread
20. Trains
21. Dessicated Stubble, Grown Out of Shape
22. Amongst the Sludge
23. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
24. We Form Words
25. Melting
26. Chains Of Freedom
27. Light Enough to See By
28. On The Morning After
29. Sugar
30. Red Poppies Stuck Like Glue On Everybody's Coats
31. Flashes Of Blue
32. Back When The World Was Psychedelic
33. Cry No More
34. Null and Void, Void and Null
35. If You Talk of Freedom
36. Under Nocturnal Sky
37. Wide Roads and Narrow Side-walks
38. Voice
39. Ice Cream Ladies
40. Marshmallows and Midnight
41. We Dangle Sentences
42. Under The Painting Of The Room
43. Odd Running Into Her Again
44. Light Enough to See By
45. I Whisper the Hope and Coming of Existing
46. The Boat in the Window

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