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Name: CandyIsNotAStripperName
City: Helix
Country: PitBullUSA

Message: Glad to be back on your site as always. Wishing for new poetry from you, Father. God's grace continues to keep me living among the dead souls of the TV watchers and moaners. Our souls will never die. Poetry as living spirit kept alive by the sodium/potassium pump of heart bleeding O positive never O negative as the blood that dripped from the Lord's hands for our salvation. I know not of Mother Mary being raised a Baptist. A mother on my own for years, Father is the whole I missed in life from a human being. God is my Father. His will be done until we are gone from the void humankind gave. Not taken, we say "thank you" anyway, but are allergic to the whining of the masses, caught up in Satan, pretending he's satin choking us to a almost death, naked upon the bed of dreams, we awaken puking up the vile one's temptation, birthing heaven in the emesis, we realize, there is no need to be afraid as poetry as well as the Lord rolls inside us forever and forever as God's will commands. Going to search you name elsewhere for some new poetry from you. It will be, if it will be.

Date Received: 2017-01-04 13:34:01

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