Irene's Treasure - Echoes of My Heart

  My Life My Way

I was born in the jewel of the Caribbean Belize City Central America
A land of palm trees and emerald waters
We boast of having the second largest barrier reef in the world
Our tropical islands are the playgrounds of many who visit our shores
Visit Belize if you want to experience a bit of heaven


I am pleased to introduce myself I am a Christian mother of two lovely
daughters I am Grandmother of 4  beloved children. 
I am a wife sister aunt & friend
Last but not least
I am a storyteller writer and poetess with a passion
for telling tales through poetry which have not been told 
I am proud to say that my family give me great inspiration 
I also acknowledge this wonderful poetry site which has become
my poetry home My thank you to Monique & the crew of
PoetryPoem com  who have made sure my written lines are presented
in all their glory I couldn't do it without you guys 

I now reside with my husband in Yonkers New York 

My fascination with poetry started in my early high school years
It has been my comfort through the lonely years in which I struggled to find
myself after I suffered a stroke on Sept 21 2001
On a cold winters day in Canada in 2003 as I forced myself to complete
my difficult rehab after the stroke I had
I promised God with tear filled eyes to praise and glorify
Him until my last breath I begged Him to allow me to express my turbulent
emotions by writing poetry
He answered me by bringing me through many rough times
I will never forget my promise
I now express my joy of returning to a normal life in every line that I write. 

Welcome to my world of Poetry Echoes
Join me in a fantastic roller coaster ride of emotions
I'll take you to the peaks of high mountains through plateaus
of tranquility
Allow me to awaken your fine sense of wonder, on trails of adventure 
displayed in my writings
Escape from your mundane world. Permit me to add spectacular
highlights to your lives My intention is for my poetry to echo through
your thoughts on the darkest nights 
My writings will rest on the delicate threads of your mind
Once you are exposed to my poetry echoes you will never be the same
I promise not to disappoint you
Enjoy your encounter of a unique kind, my dear readers
Thank you very much for stopping to read my humble writings
Blessings to all my readers 
If poetry be the food of life, read on


If music be the food of life play on

My favorite radio station is ECHOES 
A soundscape of ambient instrumental space electronica and New Age music.
It is so peaceful to listen to while composing poetry
Radio channel FM90 7


I was born under the water sign of Cancer
My name Irene in Greek means Peace
I am a student of life and last but not least I am a stroke survivor of 11 years
Writing first began for me as part of my therapy during my slow recovery and rehab in Canada

My greatest joy is to rest in the presence of my Lord God in prayer
I enjoy cooking very much and my recipes include a cherished collection from my country of Belize.
I am in the process of writing my memoirs and looking forward to having my poetries published
I am a smooth jazz fan and I also love classical music
I am an avid reader
I collect antique lamps and I cherish my DVD collection of old movies

livin my life my way
My philosphy  
Human beings are my spiritual sisters and brothers
whatever their races colors genders
ages nationalities religions lifestyles
Planet Earth is our home
I am a part of this large spiritual family joined by an invisible umbilical cord to the Most Devine One
I have my own special part to play and I seek to discover and play that part to the best of my ability
I seek to live in harmony with others in this Universal Family, treating others with respect.
I understand that everything with a physical body has a spiritual body too. The physical and spiritual
are deeply intertwined, not separate, in this world of form
I honor the interconnectedness of our Creator and creation
My Inner Self my Soul is my Spirit
I endeavor to keep myself healthy and in balance in all these parts of Self
My spiritual practices include self acceptance and understanding instead of
self rejection I share my views with others when I sense it is right  
but I would never want to force my Source of faith on anyone
claiming my way is the only true right way
There are many paths up the mountain of Spiritual Enlightment not just one path
I hear the cries of Mother Earth who is upset with the harm being done to the environment by humankind
I am dismayed by the pollution of the air the soil and the waters and by the domination games being played
by nations with the fire of nuclear missles and other weapons of mass destruction
I also am concerned about spiritual pollution on our Planet
selfishness hatred greed for money and power addiction violence despair
Yet as I perceive these problems I also perceive cleansing
and healing happening on Planet Earth at this time
I know that I can help in at least a small way
to bring the Planet into greater balance by seeking balance in my own life
by being a catalyst for restoring balance in the lives of others
and by working for a better environment
I know that my attitudes and my way of living can make a difference
I endeavor to be a channel for healing and balance
I make the practice of environmental responsibility a personal part of my daily life
I endeavor to live in harmony with the other members of the family of the Great I Am
I seek to address the underlying spiritual causes of disease rather than only focusing on relief of its symptoms
I not only give thanks for wild and cultivated plants the fuana and flora 
and for blessings that are starting to come to fruition
but I also pray for continued abundance for every problem there is
At least one workable solution as well as opportunity for growth
I see circles of change and renewal not only within my own life journey but in my heritage
I see my life as a circle that connects with the life circles of my ancestors
They are part of me and my life
With every Ending comes a new Beginning
Within Death there is the promise of Rebirth

May the gift of peace be with you and may you be comforted by my poetry gentle echoes as you read

Thank you very much for visiting God bless 
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These poetry pages are dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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 May the blood of Jesus Christ bring me to eternal life
 I am redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb out of the hand of the enemy
 God of healing and mercy through Jesus Your Son You stretched out Your
hand in compassion restoring the sinners healing the sick
and lifting up those bowed down
Embrace us now in Your loving care particularly those
afflicted with cancer for whom this intention is offered
May the Spirit of Jesus bring us all health of soul and body
that with joy and thanksgiving we may praise You
for Your goodness through the same Jesus Christ our
Lord Amen

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O blessed St. Jude, pray for me I am so helpless & alone.
Make use I beg you of that particular privilege given to you
to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of
Come to my assistance in all my necessities tribulations and
I promise O beloved apostle of Jesus to be ever be
mindful of this great favor
To always honor you as my special
powerful patron and to gratefully encourage devotion to you Amen

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