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Annette Wexler

This site is dedicated to the talented writers in my Writers' Workshop at the New Jersey Memorial Home for Disabled Veterans, and to my four sons,
Steven, Ronald, Bruce and Alan, nine grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Special thanks to my granddaughter Emily Wexler, who created the
cover photo for the book, my grandson Alex Wexler, who designed the artwork, my granddaughter Margot Wexler who is a great photographer and to
my grandson Jason Wexler. You can find Jason's site right here on PoetryPoem. (Guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree). Annette has written
thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and three biographies about Isaac Heller, the owner of Heller Industrial Parks, which are located throughout
the United States. The biographies are available at libraries, historical societies and universities in New York and New Jersey. She also
conducted a writers'workshop at the New Jersey Memorial Home for Disabled Veterans,and she has helped two of her very talented students to start websites,
which can still be found at PoetryPoem. The poets, Evelyn Sterngart, a 96-year-old widow of a World War II veteran, and GraceJohn (pen name for Vietnam War
Veteran John Grace. are now deceased. "Their poetry and prose meant so much to them and I loved to see them smile," Ms. Wexler said. Annette's autobiography
titled "A NICE JEWISH GIRL FROM THE BRONX & NEW JERSEY" is available in libraries, schools and historical societies based in New Jersey and New York.