Words For The Soul

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I have two beautiful sons ages 37 and 33.  Along with being a Published Poet, I write and perform Weddings, Vow Renewal, and Celebration of Life Ceremonies.   I also give guidance on matters of the Heart, Life, and Empowerment Counseling.  Tom is a Professional Musician, Award Winning Songwriter, Singer, and Poet.

As a Twin Flame couple, it is OUR  Divine Mission here on Earth to create Songs that heal, inspire, and transform those who are in need emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  The words I express in my poems are a direct reflection of the Unconditional Love I feel for my beloved and humanity!

Thank you for stopping by and reading more about me.  You can find more information about my work as a Poet in MY NEWS!

Love and Light

Mary Koch and Tom Baggett