Words For The Soul

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I wanted to share more about my work as a poet.  I started writing poetry in 1999 after meeting my Twin Flame who is also a Published Poet/Songwriter, Musician, Singer, and Producer.

In 2000, I won the Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Acheivement in Poetry from the International Library of Poetry and Poetry.com.  FOR MY CHILDREN was  published in their Hardbound Anthology AMERICA AT THE MILLENIUM .  AGELESS and BLUE EYES were also accepted for publication in THE SILENCE WITHIN and LETTERS FROM THE SOUL.

In 2012 and 2013 I won 3 Poetry Challenges from ThesStarliteCafe.com, where you will find many of the poems  I have written over the past 23 years.
Thank you kindly for stopping by my Poetry Website and please enjoy!  I look forward to meeting my fellow poets at PoetryPoem.com.

Love and Light

Mary Koch