Keeper Of The Flame

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When I was 3, I lived in a small town. We lived on a dirt road. We had an outhouse. We had an icebox, not a refrigerator. Until I was 21 I never had air conditioning. We never had carpet. We drove old cars. Television had not been invented.

I live in the same town now and it is overpopulated. The road is paved. We have indoor plumbing. We have a refrigerator and air conditioning and carpet. We have two nice cars.

We have a soaring crime rate. We have a drug epidemic. We have people trying to take Christ out of everything. An interstate highway roars just a few blocks away. This is known as PROGRESS.

I desperately want to go back to my childhood, to the way things were . When life was slow. When you knew your neighbors. When you never locked your car or your house. When children were safe playing in the streets. When we had nothing, but we had everything.