Poetry - Poetic-Verses, Robert Cartwright-Davidson

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1. PAIN!
2. This Neverending Story!
3. The Knowledgeable Set!
4. The Prize I Least Deserved!
5. The Little Theatre
6. User Guides!
7. Left Out in the Cold.
8. The Cracksman
9. Shoot Out at Gretna Green!
10. No Place To Go!!!!!
11. Three in the Morning.
12. Scotland My Scotland!
13. Higham Ferrers Farmers Market
14. When All of Your Troubles!
15. The Garage Door. (Scottish dialect)
16. The Vampire Run
17. I Walked a Mile With Pleasure!
18. I tried but I failed!
19. Walking Along!
20. An Aid To Depression!
21. The Bandit Kings! (a golf poem)
22. The Scottish Flag
23. Brief, Unforgettable Moment.
24. Nature's Tale
26. Socks, Shoes and Glasses!
27. Never Give Up On Jesus
28. The Presidential Day
29. Like a Thief in the Night
30. A Toast Tae The Lassies
31. The Snow Has Come
32. The Bells Have Chimed a Million Times
33. After the Election
34. The Golf Club Auction
35. Where Has Time Gone?
36. Take Hold of My Hand
37. We Will Stand Together
38. 5leys self catering in Filey
39. What’s in the Boot of the Car?
40. 'Permissibly' Not Allowed!
41. Zugzwang (In the financial world)
42. A Small Word Of Greeting To One And All
43. A Wee Word O' Greetin' Tae Yin An' Aw
44. Stubborn People!
45. Golf at Calverley is not a Good Walk Spoiled
46. Did Rabbie say it at an' efter denner speech?
47. A Time For Most Anything!
48. A Storm at Sea
49. He Knows You!
50. To Helen
51. Hear my prayer oh Lord!
52. The Looney! (Scottish dialect)
53. Sometimes....
54. What is the Key?
55. A Flowing Stream
56. My Merle Collie
57. This Flame is Jesus!
58. The Bandit Kings!
59. There's a Place in my Heart
60. Are We in the Last Days?
61. A Shakespearian Dream
62. Untie the Knot This Christmas
63. My Last Poem For Christmas!
64. We Need a Nice House
65. Looking For a City
66. The Money Drain
67. This Tarnished Nobel Prize of Peace!
68. Come to the Waters
69. A Door Was Opened
70. Evil Speed Cameras
71. I Saw the Red Kites!
72. Our New Music Group
73. Not Rearing Pigs!!!!!
74. I Have a Redheaded Angel! (Revised)
75. A Review of Justice!
76. Gone to that Great Banqueting Hall
77. Carpe Diem (Seize the day)
78. Our House
79. The Traitors!!!!!
80. The Alphabet of Awfulness Part1
81. A Tribute Tae Rabbie Burns - Perhaps!
82. The Gowfin' Chimney Sweep!
83. Amazingly, Amazing Grace.
84. To an ill Freend (Scottish dialect)
85. Gerry McCann (Madeleine's dad)
86. Genuinely Promoted
87. Life Is Like a Chess Game!
88. The Burma Tragedy
89. Fareweel tae Blair!
90. He Who Has Nothing Has Everything.
91. Mud Packs and Wrinkle Cream!!!!
92. A Tribute Tae Annie. (Tune: Gentle Annie)
93. Pavarrotti in China (Soundtrack, Nessun Dorma)
94. Livin' oaf the Land!!
95. The City Through The Mist.
96. Have You......? (Revised)
97. The Beauty Deep Within Me!
98. Constructive Criticism
99. Lost in the Labyrinth of Search!
100. A Portrait (in verse)
101. Trust is Very Special.
102. I Spent Sometime With Happiness
103. I'm a Diabetic!!!
104. The sun is smiling!!! (A Christmas Poem)
105. Monstrous Loonies
106. An Aid To Depression 2 (Follow up as requested)
107. E-Mail Sig Pages
108. Why Was I Thrown Out?
109. An Accidental Death!
110. Juliette You're a Gem!
111. Ela-Jane!
112. The Real!
113. Silence!
115. I've Got Some Super Pals
116. Unending Talkability!
117. My Friend.
118. That 'Feel Good' Cure!
119. Washing Up!
120. When I Went To School!
121. So Tired!
122. Alex on his 80th Birthday
123. Put Health and Safety in its Proper Place
124. Queensway Medical Centre

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