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Welcome all friends acquaintances and poetry lovers! I'm teaching in Seoul, South Korea, and I'm planning to return to the states when my contract expires at the end of July. I'm not worried about whether or not I ever get published (and don't expect to) because this is just a hobby that I've recently rediscovered. I encourage any feedback on my poems that you might have (both positive AND negative); please send me an email.
Update: I'm now back in the States. I've been writing song parodies in addition to poems.

Update #2 (5/11/03): I am considering returning to Korea to teach again!
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Update #3 I did teach in Seoul--for THREE YEARS--and met a beautiful young lady by the name of Bomina who is now my WIFE! We had a civil service and are planning to have a formal wedding next year in June! I'm currently working on a novel and am hoping to get back to writing poems and parodies as well. You can check out my parodies at www.amiright.com!

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