A ragingheart to tell a tale of life and love

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Hello I hope you enjoy the thoughts and words I have shared with you. These are a collection of actual experiences during my life here upon the earth and all the many changes that one goes through during that stay.
My life is not always as it seems. Do not merely read the words and think you know what I have meant. The narrow minded will truly miss the mark. I do believe in God but do not take for granted that it is a male and do not take for granted that my God is your God. I will not tolerate prejudice or hatred. So enjoy if you dare! I have lived many different live experiences and seen a good many to. The human condition is ever changing, what may seem unacceptable today will be tomorrow. So there is always hope that we may finally get it right! My favorite song is "Let It Be" by John Lennon. "Speaking words of wisdom Mother Mary comes to me saying JUST LET IT BE!!!" If you believe in a god then you believe that God will take care of you and you have to just let it be.