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Welcome to my world.

WARNING: I do not write about fluffy bunnies, romantic drivel, or trivial matters. Some of my work is bleak, but I think that you will find it to be honest. My take on society is often harsh, but here and there you will find a spark hope in the face of despair.

Yes, I write for myself, but I believe that the issues I tackle are, in one way or another, universal. As I seek understanding, my greatest hope is that my words will help others who are like-minded.

Afterall, life's journey is a quest. Most of us are seeking knowledge and enlightenment. As I strive for these gifts, I have found that my words are the path that will someday lead me there. The direction changes, often, as I live, grow, and experience. It makes the journey all the more exciting. I hope that visitors to my site will be able to see that path and enjoy all of the twists and turns just as much as I do.

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Thank You For Visiting!

PS, Please check out the News page. I've been MIA A LOT! The reasons can be found if you read that page! I'm trying like hell to do better, but I'm just so very weary lately. But this site is importsnt to me, not just so people can read my work, but because they're considerate enough to comment on how it made them feel, and then I get insight about the readers when I check out their sites. That's the REALLY cool aspect to this experience as far as I'm concerned. I just hope my chronic MIA status won't deter visitors from making the return trip or keep away new pilgrims who enjoy the open exchange of experience driven written expression!
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Jackie R. Kays (Author), Teel James Glenn - Buck Horton's brother was an outlaw. The only thing  
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