Songs of Life

I'm the Irish kid with a German name that sounds Polish. It all helps me get along with my fellow Chicagoans. One day I'll find my birth mother and solve several other mysteries in my life. Until then, I'll continue to wonder about the lives of others and remain in awe of the life I see around me.
About my poetry...Some is written in mirth, some introspective and some with the desire to help my friends. I've had three close friends commit suicide. I wish I could have reached them in time, but the experience forced me to become more aware of what is going on around me, and not be too focused on my own life.
My experiences while living in the ghetto of Gary, Indiana tempered my views on the lives of minorities, religion and morality. I was the "token" of the neighborhood at 19th and Jackson. I hope my friend Ray has had a good life.
I'm a bit of a rogue and I'm proud of my Independence. I'm a Veteran of the Vietnam era, and I have many mixed feeling still about that conflict.

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