Poetry - reflections, James Smith

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1. sOMEtimeS
2. gifts of failure
3. Am I
4. under dusty moonlight
5. happy ending missed
6. darkest days
7. far from the here and now
8. diamonds and dust
9. haunted skies
10. the spider and the fly
11. post pandemic nightmare
12. wonder
13. scattered memories abandoned
14. little fishy
15. captured steam
16. skeleton leaf
17. left behind
18. cardboard boredom
19. into the sun
20. under the bridge
21. monkey puzzle a.k.a "desespoir du singe"
22. silhouette of the whale
23. (it feels like) the sky is falling
24. yesterday is dying
25. all innocence lost (return to the memory's afterglow)
26. bound by threads of life
27. don't let your eyes deceive you
28. in the land of the midnight of sun
29. growing old (gracefully?)
30. architect of the soul
31. in the silence of midnight
32. sweet Colarado way
33. discarded postcards
34. black gold
35. livin' in sin
36. the captain and I
37. nothing (is all that I've got)
38. jell baby roll (underneath the tree)
39. through the eyes of a storm (autumn breeze)
40. I saw you peeking (through my window pane)
41. the proposed appropriateness of the current regime has been communicated for consideration
42. you are like a gift (that keeps on giving)
43. horses for courses
44. might think that's strange
45. delice de france
46. confessions of a clonazepam addict
47. broken polos and dreams
48. the bus sucks
49. never smile (at a crocodile)
50. the greatest show (the world will never know)
51. the sound of christmas
52. my first kiss (was with you)
53. when the story ends
54. take the time (to know someone)
55. the life you'd choose
56. away today
57. into the wild (for Chris)
58. you might say
59. the beautiful blue summer behind (for nanna)
60. won't you let me into hell
61. the blue inbetween
62. there are no rain clouds outside
63. half a lemon dipped in salt
64. in the flush of first love
65. why do you weep at all
66. call of the soul
67. between the statues of soldiers
68. another thought from the mind
69. memories belong to them
70. wandering among crowds
71. beyond the stars
72. the poet and the photographer
73. where to start
74. in the memory's afterglow
75. friends
76. see-saw at break neck speed
77. panic
78. something to believe in
79. closing time
80. everlasting gobstopper
81. head in the sand
82. I won't do you wrong
83. shaming yourself with lies
84. nothing would ever go wrong again
85. fourteen
86. a day in the life
87. egg damage (why there was hen s@#t on my bed)
88. thoughts
89. Lennon legend
90. reflections
91. his favourite character in fiction
92. unrealistic expectations
93. Charles Belle IV
94. photograph

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