21,344 poems read

James Smith

Welcome friend

I started writing poetry when I was about 16 and I'm still writing poetry today although I'm in no way prolific and I probably discard more poems than I keep. Interestingly, a poem doesn't have to be good for me to keep it, it just needs to capture a certain mood or feeling from that time. That is more important to me than the words or structure and to that end I don't even consider myself a poet.

As a young adult I started using poetry as a way to express myself because I always struggled with my emotions. I had a complicated childhood and it took me a long time to grow up but I still enjoy the silliness that poems can bring and, even though I don't always try to rhyme, when I do I often have a lot more fun.

Over time I guess you could say that I've developed a writing style which I can call my own although several months or more can pass between poems. I have no interest in being published or being recognised for these poems but I'm happy to share some of them and I hope you enjoy reading them. I sure appreciate the feedback I receive.

Thanks a lot.