The Memories I Keep

Praying for You

I said a prayer for you today, which for me is nothing new
for every day when I pray, my words include you

I pray for you God's mercy, in times that you may fall
 and that He hears your voice, each time on Him you call

I pray the armor of our God, protects you from all sin
no matter where you are, no matter where you've been

I pray for you more faith, to trust His knowing ways
and guide you through the storms, into much brighter days

He'll cloak you from the menace, when evil foes surround
So take His hand in yours, and let His grace abound

I pray for you more hope, that your old life is dead
and you can trust God, for better days ahead

I pray He'll give you strength, to start your life anew
But most of all I pray... That His love embraces you

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