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Couldn’t wait to see the world now it’s a click away. Everyone’s shot gifted universal play.” Times may change” I grew up in Canarsie Brooklyn How I love New York City.There's no other place I rather see.What remains deep in my heart Poems are where I want to be. Big trees serene writing from the busy streets fingers clicking websites. The love is in the air poem put a certain smile with flair. Going Uptown or meeting someone halfway but we are a whole heart anyway. My cool video I did it's homemade story poem its called "The sun comes to her voice" check it out. Wearing your words on your poem tea-shirt. Going to the cafes in your poetically cool skirt. I know where I was born in Brooklyn. Being like a nutcracker but like a firecracker in my ballet steps Masquerade ball window dressing shopping and the people fascinate me.                              ıllıllı                              𝓁❤𝓋𝑒                                          ıllıllı                      ♥                 ıllıllı


The poem our morning glory the Sunrise to the sunset how a poem can bring you closer. We lead the way to our poems orchestrated hands touch caramelized sweet 𝒞💗𝓂𝓅🍬𝓈𝑒𝓇.

You can call me Robin bird in poem flight also the hard-working "Poetic" cool wife. My family supports me.

Maybe I am amazed to be loved by so many artists and poems articulate. The universe goes in a flash no time to hush.Say what's on your mind our poems will forever last. We modernized our ways from candles to high-tech lighting.Our heads are rising over-touched by poems the height of our poetic heels. Our feet stay on a peaceful spiritual ground no one can put a candle in our writing. shining like the "Statue of liberty"

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