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1. Just a Hustle!
2. Soul Mate (I wrote this for my loving wife! Cora
3. A lesson learned!
4. I can't hold back the tears
5. Happy Birthday! (Merry Christmas!)
6. Mandi (Written for our daughter just because she is so special)
7. Jesus for President!
8. Always listen to your inner Child!
9. God is Almighty!
10. God's not allowed in my school!
11. Our Father V.S. Our Dad
12. The bully never remembers!
13. (Read "The Curse Of The Blood moon" if you dare!!
14. Eye's Wide Shut!
15. At the waters edge!
16. The curse of the blood moon (A Halloween story)(Revised
17. It all starts with a junk drawer! (I wrote this for my brother Richard)
18. Terror On Our Home Land 911
19. No place like home!
20. Fathers Day
21. Our Nation's Strike Back
22. Liberate Iraq
23. Buddy can you spare a dime?
24. The children's cry
25. Vehicles!
26. Hole in my boat!
27. Tick-Tock (This poem re-defines quality time!)
28. The plain truth! I am a thin man trapped in a Fatman's body!
29. TY (A Beanie Baby Lovers Story!)
30. Even the smallest
31. Third Rank From The Sun!
33. My dear friend MJ
34. Pitter- Patter
35. Mom
36. My Birthday!
37. Poetrypoem.com (poem) an invite to this site!
38. Push 1 , Push2, Push 3..................
39. Just A Stray!
40. Lost is my name!
41. A strange point of view!
42. Cross the yellow lines (I wrote for a friend who lost her brother in a motorcycle crash)
43. I'm only here until I get it right!
44. Prime of her life
45. Young Love
46. Computer Tour Home
47. Billy's letter to the President (wuv bily)
48. Life (We are all books checked out of God's library)
49. A Much Better World
50. Grandma
51. Hats off to Mary Jane!
52. Harold
53. In Loving Memory (Written for a friends dad that passed) (As well I my own dad also)
54. A Writers Heart (I wrote this for a poet in Utah dying of cancer)
55. A Blank Page (I wrote this having writers block!)
56. Revelation
57. My Dog Spot (I wrote this in 7th grade I am 44 now lol)
58. Brand New Puppy
59. Good-Bye
60. (Sayings to live by:) To love God.............
61. (Sayings to live by: ) Reincarnation
62. (Sayings to live by:) Hate
63. (Sayings to live by:) Loneliness
64. (Sayings to live by:) Hypochondriac
65. (Sayings to live by:) Prism
66. (Sayings to live by:) Dependable!
67. (Sayings to live by:) Love
68. (Sayings to live by: ) All tasks!
69. (Sayings to live by:) Love and trust!
70. (Sayings to live by:) The way!
71. (Sayings to live by:) Friends
72. (Sayings to live by:) Best not to speak!
73. (Saying to live by:) Move ahead!

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