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Name: Janie a.k.a.mjfb1954
Country: Good ol' USA!
Homepage: mjfb1954...goddesspele & angelicheavenlystar

Message: Greetings once again, my dearest friend, hey, my friend, good to see you on line today, I just noticed your site on the 100 List,, so came over to say Hello, have not heard from you for ages, thanks for keeping me as a friend of yours, now that I have your site name once again, I will re post it on my viewing list, seems like every year we make contact again, and so here we are in 2013, after being friends since 2009.. a lot of changes have taken place since my last entry in 2012 here in your GB..this poem of yours is truly remarkable, I am enjoying reading you once more, take care my dear, keep writing your good stuff. I love all of it..aloha hugs with blessings from God above, love always, Janie. a.k.a.MJ/mjfb1954 being with you today, has certainly made my day a blessed one! Thank-you much!

Date Received: 2013-10-29 22:45:05

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