This yearning is my gift from God; to lay down words attached to thoughts, idea's internal revelations, lost and found emotions, growth spurts from Love and other strange places; translated into picture images meant to be shared!

From our Love and anger, peace and frustrations, struggles and triumphs, sicknesses and health, there are lessons meant to be found as we stay our course in "baby steps" throughout Life in an effort to grasp the understandings we need along the way, until the death of the body is replaced with the birth of our immortal Soul.

Here I offer you, my reader and spiritual nexus to Life, poems, prose, vignettes and highlights from which I hope you may find something of value that might add to your own personal pilgrimage through the sharing of my own.

Here I offer each of you, if nothing else, my unconditional Love! For the spiritual seed of God's Love has been my gift; a gift meant to be shared with all who touch my Life.
God Bless you all,

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