Poetry in motion

Country: South Africa
Nationality: African
I started writting poetry about four years ago
when I was still in high school.
In 2003 i joined a group called Keen Artists Theathre UDW (KATU) which consists of poets,actors and musicians.
I have perfomed my poetry and Drama with this group.
I regard my self as a person who loves being on stage.
I have published my poetry in my site www.geocities.com/senzous and also on poetry.com
I,ve been fitured in three american books and recently
on Eternal potraits and best poems and poets of 2003
These books are going to be rileased in summer this year and early next year respectively.
I hope that you enjoy my art work.
for more infomation please E-mail me on senzous@yahoo.com and also check my sites and also check www.geocities.com/keenartists for my perfomances.

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