Absent Minded

I was a 25 year old male, now 27, as i've been writing here for two years. I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada.
Many of my poems are inspired by music and hope to one day be a song writer, but yet i do not really try to write songs rather inspire them i guess. I know my poetry is different, especially because they are mostly works in progress, but hopefully thats what makes them unusual and interesting and maybe even good. I am familiar with the symbolism of the tarot as i have been reading them since i was about twelve, many of my poems are about finding your way and being lost, I also write about guidance and god sometimes with my twisted views, my life and guidance and phenomenons and dreams, ive been working on my writing to appeal to me as an audience and the other like minded individuals, but don't let that stop you from checking them out theres more to life and what I write than just that.

Much of my poetry indulges with insanity and creativity of other worlds, i like to uses gimmicks to hook the reader into wanting to know more about what they are reading, my poetry is my life. I will get good at this. I like to try to inspire people to be a part of society and to think and take a time out for themselves and realise they are not alone and just how green their grass is as their lives may not be half bad as they eat off of golden plates with silver spoons, i sometimes try to indulge myself with the idea that my sphere of influence here is understood ofg the ways with my methods of madness and people will start voting more, opening doors for eachother more often and being less predjudiced towards races creeds and sexual orientations.

I have a few hobbies which include working out and obviously writing, i love listening to music and making themed tapes and cd's of my favorite artists on themes like mental institutes and pverty to inspire me to become a more creative individual, yet it seems a bit obsessive, i don't go to the movies much and read more of the poetry on this site and the poetrysoup poetry site i write on for free where i am among the top 100 favorite poets, I have been diagnosed and rediagnosed and misdiagnosed with amental illness, and they have called it all sorts of different names and i have swallowed many different types of pills for it, my life story is hiddden in the dark pages of this site revealing murdered teens and drug abuse and crooked cops and abuse in group homes, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming of greek mythology and other worlds and philosophising and debating with the gods and trying to understand my spiritual life lessons.

I am a starving artist who is not employed and sometimes works rewading tarot cards at the oldest restaraunt in my city, i live in poverty and sacrifice some things to have the internet so i can express myself and try to better myself and my position in life, I come from a broken home and write to overcome and understand my gifys, work on my faults and help my fellow man understand theirs, i suffer from low self esteem, and never know what my next visit to the psychiatrist is going to bring and wonder am i going further into mania or slipping back into the comfort of the madness of the world we know today as sanity, and then realise even i can help change the world for it to be a better place and if this is all i can do to inspire today an dthe future from falling for the same traps i have then so be it


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