Poetry - Absent Minded, Troy Nelson

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1. the walking deadman of th New age serial killer
2. Torment
3. The god complex game
4. How Jesus escaped Hell
5. a sentence the heads live by
6. 6 books of riddle written about 8 steps to figure me out
7. schitsoeffective mood disorder ( for blair)
8. My plan to fail for the wars fought for less
9. do you prefer the dark or the light( child or lover of a god?)
10. Jesus and the Time machine
11. The powerful cult im in the middle of
12. To the really gifted
13. Prophetic Tag
14. Remembering Survival or Bliss that was forgotten
15. supposed crime
16. The world as god versus me
17. Book of songs to sell
18. Under Rug Swept
19. The symbol of the Rearing unicorn
20. The Protector
21. The uncaring
22. Star above a milky nebula
23. I am God's plan
24. fading future (fate's life lesson)
25. Innocently protesting the innocence of the world
26. Manmade God
27. The used
28. why the devil cries
29. walking life lesson (story reads differently depending where you pause for breath)
30. NWO of the last Decade
31. The truth of those who condemn
32. Alliteration
33. Onomatopea
34. Grunge
35. Clueless people make me sick
36. soo much for my happy ending
37. Musical books movie (harsh reality)
38. Designer Hell
39. looking for the one mind we all are
40. Who death Kidnapped
41. listening for an echoe in the past made from a future
42. sounding out the evil mistakes
43. a method to the madness
44. Fedback poem (dystopian society)
45. Writing class 303
46. Writing class 101 (feedback poem) (s)8*t creek
47. This weeks Feedback poem (Riddle of the True and wise)
48. Level three and the ploth sickens
49. Metaphor for the fountain of youth
50. The fight between god and the prophet
51. Blindspots and veils of ignorance for the gullible god to be convinced
52. Nursery rhyme
53. collecting angels (Fable)
54. 23
55. Don't mess with a writer
56. The surprise of Plan A or Plan B
57. The seed of god and satan
58. Writing class 101 (recent feedback)
59. My house (the house of God)
60. God complex
61. Blackmailed by god
62. Hormonal Torture
63. I am Satan's bride
64. I am Satan's bride
65. Money is worthless
66. my future poems (my latest feedback Ive recieved)
67. Fix my road Rage
68. Books to bust you out of jail
69. what musicians do
70. what musicians do
72. To Teachers of the 7th grade
73. How to become famous
74. Tshirt satellite game
75. Mental note of the blueprint for the blind who lead
76. welcome to your stereo
77. If you look here you will know and be blind leading the blind
78. Another Act for Man
79. Level Two _ The PoEtIc ReVolUtioN
80. Headspaces taken to be rented
81. writng this speach to the toy soldiers
82. How to write a hit cd
83. My challenge to the world
84. Rumor Mill (You never know who your parents are 2)
85. How to write a mystery
86. Plan to save the world(stairway to heaven theory)
87. The Gullible Gods Confession
88. Birthday test and the method of madness of crime
89. The Game starts Here (Art, Music,Riddles,Charades)
90. Dirty Mouth
91. Alien Invasion
92. Musical morse code
93. my most recent FEEDBACK (incoming)
94. Pregnant with evil
95. Absent minded Shadowfiend
96. Brain wash
97. Game show life
98. The Tortured Holy Ghosts Refection
99. Corner of the world ( explaining nostradamus's one prophecy)
100. the solved message might look like this
101. Doomsday magic word
102. What blind leading the blind means
103. False religion im pointing at
104. My part in the plan
105. MeNtAl VicTomS
106. MurDer CaPiTaL of The COUNTRY
107. Writing my own bible
108. I know its me, be my decoy
109. writing cheques my a55 can't cash
110. writing cheques my A55 can't cash
111. E.S.P.
112. Compact disk /digital video disk "games"(spy talk)
113. The real antichrist
114. The prophecy under rug swept
115. Glistening
116. EARTH: Life is a dream we revisit
117. God of delusions
118. House of me
119. the murder game at the centre
120. Satanic Mansion Traps
121. Another Nightmare induced from my medication
122. Every song
123. Techicolor dream fictional romance
124. Ecards
125. Hell of a dream
126. When you get to heaven, you will wish your in hell
127. Symbol poem for val
128. Music Industry Mensa Geniuses under my thumb
129. Holy wars
130. The flaw with mans plan for judgement day
131. The book of self fulfilling prophecies
132. The first person of he said she said
133. To the board of review (abused by the system)
134. Book of hidden messages oracle
135. Being taught how to hate but never learning(for my fiance Blair)
136. Hes losing interest in me
137. He is
138. my entrepreneur dream
139. If i'm your job just tell me
140. Hostage of your silent war crying for help(queen's Bench)
141. A world inspired by geniuses
142. Soldier Disco at the Purple Onion
143. Marilyn Manson
144. Another page torn from the bible
145. Quit complaining or I'll make you famous
146. Quit complaining or I'll make you famous
147. Will i ever change the world? Inspired by another act for man
148. Language of the souls (another act for man)
149. The world holds me your god hostage
150. Interent Awards
151. Training and proving prophets with time capsules
152. Fiance confused
153. Poets work
154. Prophetic tag
155. compare your guestbook to mine
156. I hate being in love with you
157. Poem from my nightmare last night
158. Broken
159. LIAR club
160. Who I am
161. i wish i was dead
162. Life is a JOKE
163. Your Dirty little Secret
164. My own little social experiment
165. Mental note word association memory
166. Our poetry changes the world
167. Rock Garden of saints
168. Example of anything for you
169. I'm going to take over the world and HOW!!!
170. I'm going to take over the world and HOW!!!
171. Klein's Fault
172. God and mans plan
173. How everything in the world is my fault
174. How everything in the world is my fault
175. Why youre beautifull when you cry
176. How to write an excellent poem
177. How to write an excellent poem
178. Spotlight Mystery
179. Who has always shaped the world?
180. Poetry Cult of Power
181. Twisted history
182. !!!!WARNING!!!!!
183. Grip of death butterfly effect
184. How come jesus never heard of a wretch like me?
185. HollyWood Warehouse
186. HollyWood Warehouse
187. Flash
188. I love you Blair
189. Eminem
190. Father time
191. Internet sucker patrol
192. satans blindspot
193. click here to be enlightened(art exhibit for the deaf and blind)
194. Art exhibits for the blind and deaf
195. Goddess of love musicians
196. Insufficient funds part 2 (Prose of internet criminals)
197. When your names are songs
198. My prophetic illness
199. My destiny and fate (My grandfather's will part 2)
200. The double life proposal
201. 2wrongs dont make it right
202. mother Teressa's prayer (for hackers)and the life I used to live
203. Fool me once shame on me, but three times now?(hackers unite)
204. tangents to explore (or for me to write later)
205. Evangelic's Eulogy Wizard's dual
206. Mental Note
207. Artisticly throwing money away
208. Mathematics of the lottery...If you want to win bad enough...
209. How the screenplay was written (language of the gods)
210. Guarding the other world
211. Information Monopoly of books
212. Instructions
213. How to of a surprise holiday
214. Language of the blind and deaf
215. The bard's song from long ago
216. why does that man have my dead grandpas money?
217. Great Big Hiding Place (Grande Cache)
218. The world built for Achilles
219. my voices and yours
220. Subconcious yes yes
221. When you crack the code
222. The child who killed king tut!
223. The Early Bird catches the worm
224. Psychology of planning to fail
225. Ashes to dust from dust to ash( the future of the planet)
226. Ruling the world from my living room
227. since my life is controlled by multi billionaires
228. I am the boy who cried WOLF
229. Why this book was written for the future
230. Me and your sins
231. Death's Fairytale
232. Proof of the day we lost our souls
233. My grandfather's will
234. Salvage me for the future of your kingdoms
235. The alpha and omega Religious fence sitting for the best of the worlds
236. http://Troy-nelson.last-memories.com
237. The writing is on the wall
238. Blind leading the blind to be protected before they witness
239. The tower of babel (The math of language)
240. Sea of beds (world of worlds)
241. I am the god you edit leading blindly by example
242. Death threats, Holidays, and my guestbook to make the news
243. Matrix cells
244. The reason i write poetry of every genre ( tourist Trap)
245. gods object to crave
246. when god comes home
247. Human nature
248. The torture of Canada's oil industry
249. this generation's perfect crime
250. Bounty of the gods
251. Ghost writer
252. How to bulid a Satan Trap!!! See Saw
253. Im right and ur wrong.. god feeling alone
254. Afraid to pray? a gof by any name is still god
255. My antichrist masked plan
256. Let me prove I'm psychic
257. How we are all a part of me
258. How am i to pray for soldiers?
259. Ignorance was bliss
260. can you tell an apostle from the fake?
261. The fame he couldn't see (My curse on satellite and america takes the world on stage)
262. Dear Prime Minister(your SILENT WARS)
263. runaway tag
264. the 3 perfect lives of god
265. Music Industry enlightenment
266. Alanis Morisette
267. You never know who your parents were
268. Thanks for candy soo sweet(to heartunes)
269. My delusion to help the world?
270. Like a trainwreck i cant look away
271. Verge Of Sanity
272. The game I play in my window(talking without words)
273. Table top book and its rooms
274. bate and switch for the homeless( the poverty of conspiarcy)
275. Dear Alberta
276. The Horror of Edson
277. a feat of unequal measure
278. Terrorised by the blind who lead
279. Man made miracles
280. Your new role to purchase( written for leanne)
281. What am i allergic to this time?
282. To the U.N
283. The difference beteween me and you
284. Curse of the Dragon Slayer Phoenix God
285. Evolution of medicine (Food Fight)
286. The shows of the new world order must go on
287. What I know about Therapy
288. Dear Oprah
289. Thoughts thought by the man with three addresses
290. the back pages
291. Aspire to inspire
292. Chain letter Lottery Ticket Dream Music Cult
293. How it works(Poetry not Inblots)
294. Todays secret Fairytale
295. Reality TV
296. Cry Baby
297. Insufficient funds
298. Throwing I love you's around
299. Religious Emotional Vampires
300. War paint
301. Now That I'm Goth
302. The dream behind the song of Flawed designs
303. Dr. Friends
304. I'm the criminal of the century now
305. For crying out loud say something already
306. Inspiration sent from bourealis
307. Jesus turned me Bipolar
308. We write to end the suffering
309. The Zodiac Planetary World Scripts
310. Living the lessons of the cards
311. When sleeping I dream of Centaurs
312. Notice me, to notice you
313. Thats just the way the story goes (snippets)
314. Beautifully drowned by a nymph
315. I wanted a Jury
316. The ugly duckling ball
317. I don't like being gay
318. Jealousy
319. Vince
320. One in a million and one
321. Murder Capital of The Country
322. Evil Lynn
323. First the worst
324. I love me
325. Layered pieces
326. My winter rage!!
327. My 2 friends don't care
328. Terrorised by Snow in the Ghetto
329. Returning to the secret Garden of statues in the future
330. There is this path says the satue in a garden of my dreams
331. The first thing i do
332. 34 votes in one day
333. The Mayor
334. The God Trainer
335. You look beautifull when you cry
336. my 3 memories of Grandma Turner
337. For those who didn't know me and hated me
338. Four Kings and an Ace
339. My Satan's Trap
340. My Satan's trap
341. Face me again
342. Self help
343. Not good enough to be a man
344. Sideways
345. Nostradamus
346. Age of Literature(how writing works and the seal of fate part 2)
347. It's okay to be Gay!
348. Wanna know what really sux( a harrassment charge!)
349. Sleuth
350. Feedback i get
351. My campaign
352. Interactive Audience
353. The truth about poets
354. Inviting you to my dream my dreams
355. Judgement
356. Woken from the damnation of purgatory
357. Love sells
358. The (tricked?) message was received
359. When the Angels seem soo far Away
360. Come Inside and let me Introduce myself
361. The sway of the colors
362. The secret Codes of Help and Gangs
363. Gangreen to muck the mobscene
364. shhhhhh....blue revolution
365. A list of my insanity
366. Wavelengths to explore
367. smiley face portfolio crime scene investigation
368. Stop asking If I'm ok
369. Musings of The Musical Conspiracy Puzzle
370. Laws of attraction
371. Emotional vampires
372. What a poem from heaven would sound like
373. when you complain about my generation please remember this
374. the gods bought something they couldn't afford
375. My mixed up reality
376. The time machine babysitting god's birthday and reality
377. Oh my enlightened bunch
378. safest places in the world
379. the world of paper rocks and scissors when everyone loses their marbles to go buy more spoons
380. the word marbles one spoons
381. Miraculous King of Hell
382. You are a toy and im from a world where everyone has their own world
383. The broken toy fixing myself
384. They eye oh Horus( checking my spells)
385. On satellite for years and slipping away
386. Discovering the truth
387. Your new will
388. all my lives who am i?
389. Holier times
390. We are all victoms of a war of the worlds
391. Behind the scenes of new world orders and stupid games
392. Didn't you know...satan?
393. Lives as amusement park rides
394. The slider and this complicated world
395. Satan's Destint Blind Date
396. The hired serial killers
397. The Flaw of Screaming Sirens
398. Previously Cheap Advice
399. How many hells I have been through?
400. when I...they do what? ME the Curse of the world
401. Breeze from the fairytale
402. Start Here!!
403. Spy Talk
404. Chicken Boots
405. The name game organised underground
406. Bringing generations closer to god the tower of babel
407. Clue to the Shakespearean Treasure and ghost
408. The Perfect Life
409. Social studies for World Leaders
410. Metaphor for a politician
411. Dead dog floor
412. I don't do typos-like it ever happened to you?
413. The guy on satellite and the center of everything
414. Strategic Garbage
415. fiending for my shadows
416. 9-11 under rug swept
417. The instant gratification of Halleluah
418. Name of the king who killed Jesus
419. Chapters to the solution to the puzzles
420. MY grace
421. The Major rumor about me! and the other joke I'm not telling!
422. Note to self (2nd edition)
423. Note to Self
424. hard doing nothing
425. wondering
426. Silence
427. Dreaming
428. Fight in the bird bath
429. Inside these eyes
430. You're all lousy preachers anyway
431. www.church.com
432. Dear cult members of any faith
433. Another game (*writing class jerk)
434. Broken plot
435. The song of a thousand birds sing
436. Lost gold
437. Frozen memory
438. The secret passage
439. Gravity
440. Treasure Chest
441. Twilight
442. Lonely Star
443. Dear reader
444. Lame
445. Innocent blasphemy
446. Baby wings
447. veil upon mankind
448. another tainted saint different than you
449. Somewhere...giving it up for god( the hack in me returns)
450. Voices freed by the music
451. Soup Kitchen Exorcism
452. God bless
453. Recovering from me to you
454. IT fell apart
455. stupid people
456. Perfectly typed then twisted later
458. How to pick someone up at the public library who is wearing headphones to save their life
459. schoolyard bully politics
460. Q&A
461. Genre
462. Sit com- it's just not fair
463. miller
464. Television Oracle Goddess
465. the midnight slurpee
466. casette called messages
467. ignored- the ring
468. Evil eye?
469. To the outsider
470. faces, gone fishing
471. prove its rigged
472. Fate answered my call (part II)
473. lie(v)es i'm living (spy training)
474. forget your dreams
475. porn psychology
476. A god without a name
477. The nothing white wizard
478. laughing at your next funeral
479. spelling error and the forgotten broken toy
480. like your gonna copy and paste
481. THreefold
482. Problematic and life lesson dishout
483. voice of life resurrected from the dead
484. Ode to be what it must have been and will be
485. God is dead?
486. lovers denials
487. shore to the tide
488. Warlords
489. confused and bleeding
490. Beautiful and sad
491. vanished...lost to myself
492. absent minded
493. disillusioning both the youth and the supposed wise
494. side B (musical conspiracy mindgame)
495. KArma
496. goodbye
497. my other site that doesnt exist
498. prayer to mankind
499. scars
500. If you cant handle criticism do this
501. to the future
502. Dear critic
503. sticking up for Judas
504. shatter the reflection and free my soul
505. ascending OBE
506. Magic in your hands
507. the spelling game
508. when the world comes together
509. pedastools_who i tagged
510. when you figure it out
511. guestbook
512. To the detectives of this nonexistent crime scene
513. blame game campaign
514. Evil be gone
515. the book the wizard wrote
516. muse of prostitution
517. are you in or out? the voice of conspirator anger inner net
518. Guard
519. mask
520. echoes of me
521. Society 101
522. highlightpoetry against background soyou can readit
523. 1,2,3, drop or change our faces
524. I could bring peace to the middle east
525. theorising god to satan
526. Analyzing God
527. Analyzing mankind
528. Analyzing Satan
529. Analyzing Angels
530. skeletons in the closet
531. Revelation of Jesus and Holy Wars
532. The king I am
533. A monologue of dreams screaming its own answers from 1954
534. Karma poetry
535. Cat's got tongue
536. Manic Kin
537. Days of the week
538. Title Wave II
539. Tell me...subconcious truth seum......
540. filthy excuse
541. Hellhound hunters
542. This isn't
543. This Time around
544. The Dream
545. the man we brainwashed to think he was god said this
546. Mental Victoms
547. Psychiatrists
548. Respiridone
549. Fiend, Let's play!..... shadow!
550. Disk clean up everyday
551. God's name in Vain
552. World Layers( who made who)
553. Give me world peace or your all dead(ultimatum)
554. how to end the holy war
555. What Romeo Knows
556. Learning from evolution
557. Cash Crops
558. Lucky unfortunate charm reminder
559. When the wise lead by example
560. To the false prophets
561. To monique, to improve the site
562. The end is just the beginning
563. Healthy humbled genius
564. Good advice
565. Where else to turn
566. What to realise
567. Arrival at a state of cosmic consciousness
568. Spiritual awakening
569. Success in all you lessons
570. Intensifying Emotions
571. Gifts of the spirit
572. Overthrow of Selfish ambition
573. Confrontation to Materialism
574. Regeneration Power
575. Sacrifice and release
576. black metaphorical magick
577. Condo 51
578. Loxapine
579. Quetiapine
580. Two sided stories and liars
581. Light in the darkness when all lights go aout
582. Conquest
583. Ultimatum(s) and the lesser of two evils
584. The Conventions of society and the Non conformist youth
585. Authority
586. Trusting your own hidden influences
587. The Empress
588. Creative power
589. Open mind of innocence
590. Mercury
591. Neptune
592. Jupiter
593. Uranus
594. Mars
595. Moon
596. North Node
597. The South Node
598. slander the poet
599. Under his rock
600. Get some balls
601. I am the rose
602. delirium
603. The Conversation
604. Who killed thePhoenix
605. Dead star
606. And Then....
607. The Loser
608. Hole in the Wall
609. The Voice
610. nothing
611. The Crystal Ball
612. Talking Dirty Inside
613. Close
614. It
615. Broken Toy
616. Designer Miracles
617. Counting You Down
618. The Test
619. Title Wave
620. Privileged
621. Get well Card
622. something different?
623. I'll die trying
624. Stupid Smart King
625. I hate more than you
626. Fear farmer
627. Empty Psychic Promises
628. Permanent changes
629. The chain
630. God's puzzle
631. Poetry
632. Prophet
633. Mental Virus
634. Armpit
635. Freak
636. The first lonely dance
637. Suffer the children
638. Sublimniac
639. 13 days of hollow
640. Nothing
641. I think i like it this way
642. waiting for when it falls apart
643. Warning
644. Collecting bones and angels
645. psychik sidekick
646. Crypto Phobia
647. Rewriting the previous chapters
648. conundrum
649. Entrapment
650. mechanical puppeteers
651. Metaphysical Chess
652. Speaking of parabolas
653. Jezebel
654. Phoenix
655. Blind (The slide)
656. Doll
657. Scientific Nightmare (wardrobe)
659. The phoenix born again
660. running for revolution
661. Living the Dead
662. The empty souls Holiday
663. Scabs
664. Reality Check
665. Metaphor
666. Reality the Drug
667. rejected world
668. Voodoo Queen
669. Saint
670. un-named
671. Stalking Chaos
672. Forever at my side
673. Conversation
674. Nonsense
675. Oh little one
676. Forget
677. Miscreate of the underworld
678. The horror
679. Silent protest
680. You do it yourself
681. Dreaming
682. Sue aside
683. Host
684. This dance
685. Epic of the underworld
686. The tour
687. Sucked dry
688. Monster
689. The answer came
690. Confused
691. Shadowfiend
692. tick
693. I'm not alone
694. Empty
695. Found
696. That is mine
697. Forgotten song
698. Dead inside
699. Under your spell
700. Undying
701. Further
702. You're nothing special
703. mesmerized by the saints
704. Deeper Inside Myself
705. The art of my depression
706. Throb
707. Life
708. No child of mine
709. The born again Loser
710. Blue's Horn
711. White flag
712. Whose House Is This?
713. Poisoned prayer
714. ImaGe for SalE
715. The Knight's end
716. Alpha
717. Song
718. Pieces
719. Wherever You Are
720. Over
721. Pacified Dreams
722. A glimpse
723. There Just Is What Is
724. Everybody, Everything
725. They're after me
726. You Are
727. Dressed in suicide
728. Guilty conscience
729. a little clue for you
730. Am I better now?
731. Let me in
732. All this
733. This Way
734. Under
735. Down again
736. Recycled dreams
737. Chaotic Privileges
738. shattered reality
739. The Offering
740. You Are
741. My soul's Revenge
742. Amazed by the ages
743. Liver
744. Disasterpiece
745. Fake Plastic Faces
746. how you can make me feel better
747. Hold on
748. My Tirade
749. Mirrors of deception
750. If I am to drink
751. Like it mattered
752. The guilty Party
753. Human sacrifice
754. What i don't have
755. False Jesus
756. Ghost
757. From beyond the grave
758. The Legacy of the Angel
759. The Book
760. Remembrance days
761. Rant of the Angel
762. Why?
763. Lover
764. I'm
765. Admitting love
766. Baby's Breath
767. Felt your love
768. Jezebel II
769. See through you
771. Gabrielle's dance of the Soul's
772. Greedy people going to hell
773. Hold of me
774. Stupid cupid
775. Your embrace
776. Words of wisdom from the world of Gothica
777. How writing works(the seal of fate)
778. Two hells
779. Whispers inside of the arson
780. Waiting for the day
781. Gifted homeless
782. Touch Jesus
783. Am I?
784. The door
785. Shortcomings
786. history book
787. every week the world predicts me
788. thanks for nothing everyone
789. we want to see health care in America
790. Royal Reserve
791. Don't forget this when you become a bum
792. The Fool and the Shadows
793. T-day
794. Falling into deaf ears
795. This is the Underground
796. Tear me into holes
797. Stuck living one life at a time
798. The Crime Called You
799. missing letters (The prince)
800. Alpha(bet) code solved
801. The Plan: The Curse
802. conversations with a mirror
803. Keeping Miserable Happy
804. Life Lessons
805. Mind Slaves
806. I wish you weren't Brainwashed
807. To whom it may concern
808. You tell me America, What's Under rug swept?
809. Selectively Numb
810. People like these Question my faith
811. Born Again
812. Learn how to critique
813. A mother mourning her dead son(inspired by Lynne from Artistic Poets)
814. The maze of the mansion(please critique)
815. Proof of freedom of speach(written by mvm*****)
816. Dear NASA you're full of it
817. the reason the world is this way
818. The Art of Conversation
819. Hypothetically speaking
820. Jesus to buddha in view of the world
821. I Repent
822. the other truth
823. Debs Circle of poets and the cold war
824. Psychic attack
825. The petition
826. sweet clarity
827. Oh...That's my cue
828. Big Brother #
829. The show must Go on
830. Turnin the tables (g)
831. The Artist
832. She Heard Him Scream In Pain
833. Stage (I must be cupid)
834. Level 1 ( WE all can belong)
835. 2
836. Providing a free service
837. The Matter of being
838. Pieces of my life(fate answered my call)
839. Disbelief of DNA
840. The RIDDLE to make EVERYONE "Smarter"
841. Disbelief
842. The path to the house
843. God surprising god (through a game of deja vous)
844. oh to be a hack
845. Red
846. Alpha Code A
847. Psychic message in the attack
848. Bullet Proof Glass
849. condensing matter
850. Spiritual virus nonsense prison
851. Keys of esoteric
852. YES!
853. Building the Keys
854. NO
855. Full deck of Freudian slips
856. Maybe
857. Ask yourself a question before readibng next poem

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