Absent Minded

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Name: asyntheticsoul
City: La
Country: Usa
Homepage: www.poetrypoem.com/given2dahate

Message: Do I even need to say it, !!!!Miller Time!!!. yeh lol. This is a very unique write. seems like a rant in a way. letting loose and not looking back, at the same time. unpredictable and intense. though it seems "anti-bigbrother", which is something im sure everyone can agree with unless of course you are bigbrother. covers a broad spectrum of perspectives..i've not read ur work in a while. you have like 8 or 10 times as much poetry as i do. still shadowing for fiends' eh? I have always apprectiated the coments you've left me over the years. good to see you're still passionate about your work. your consistency impresses me. your incites are out of this dimension. No offence intended, but seems like the only way i could grasp the inspiration for this would be that, u had to be on drugs, or in an altered state to compose this. or perhaps alot of old works compiled to make one with a little work to meld it all together and still keep it spontaneous. reguardless. this is definatly an interesting piece of work here. Yes I'm still writing and have several new works, but im not too impressed with my newer ones so i havent posted ne in a while. You are good at what you do and you have the resilence to keep on truckin. As always *\m/(-_-)\m/* Much respect! *given2dahate

Date Received: 2009-10-02 01:16:57

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