Absent Minded

At the top of the screen the authors are like suspects

(players if you will)

... as above soo below, they were once my favorite writers i spotlighted, but now i changed that,

and the ones up there were those who sent me feedback that was either meaningless or rude either previously out of the two years ive been writing or in the present,


at anytime I will be spotlighting either a group of people who attack me verbally in feedback, or a group of people who are part of a mystery or just poeple I respect...

or just truly my favorite authors but which are which?

heres a hint: right now the people at the top of your screen are one of a kind!(two of them are my ex girlfriends however that i have contact with, or ami lieing?) check out the liars club on facebook!

The ones who i have spotlighted now are definatley one of a kind and getting to know their different ages, creeds, sexualities, beliefs, cultures, social identities and such will bring you closer to being a better leader follower philosopher or whatever or perhaps to just open your mind....They are definately one of a kind

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Can u figure out who is related to me in real life and which authors are coveribg it up? here's my story.......I think the internet is helping someone get away with murder...I sure hope it isn't me.....Let's catch you up to speed!

Well its been a weird friday the thirteenth one of the poets on this site, is my ex lover who i once used to live with and ended up lighting thier house on fire to save our lives from a murderer when i was high on drugs so the government could teach forgive and forget in times of war......Long story short......Don't do drugs.....(BUT WHO IS IT?)

I've also been meeting with other friends like Ms.Verge,
shes my childhood friend i havent seen since she broke down and went crazy and now talks to her hand so she is in a forensic institute....

Im soon meeting with another childhood friend who i knew when i was around five or six years old and we are going for supper....

My latest friends i am making now(one i used to work with...her name is Angel, and another guy with two tattoos of jokers on his back,he is 5'11 green eyes brown hair 225lbs and going through detox
and he calls himself Satan)

Welcome to my frifday the thirteenth....

So check out The spotlighted poet's Poetry and see what the suffering witnesses have to say, (maybe read mine for more insight) and maybe who knows one day we will reveal to you who else we know writes poetry here, and how they are involved in our story in the news pages of who knows who and how for the detectives of the mensa geniuses and crime scenes for the rights we should be given for healthcare and whatever... its a nonexistant crimescene here on the internet, but in reality this stuff is really happening!

Christams and new years is over, my birthday came and went....horrible time of year for me as i am POOR!!!!POOOR!!!! POOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR!!!! so now I'm 27 still nowhere closer to getting published, still show very little pride in my work unlike many poets who write on this site i critique i ams ure who check out my site then balk at my eduvcated crits because i show n pride in my work....I am doing( well it feels anyway) very little with my life.....i am almost done fighting with on eof the local fitness centres whop ripped me off and now with my pathetic home gym i need to decide wether i want to jopin another or whatever.....I am still in a sticky situation in my life and will be for a few years to come due to relationships in my life that have yet to surface really on my pages but one day might hit my note pads? as far as news....in a year nothing is new, we bumped heads, there was a petition to get me kicked off this site due to the way i write, which in comparison to some people is nothing....I've stirred the pot, come and gone as i pleased and made a few fans who i later scared away due to them not understanding certain life struggles of mine i divulged via emails.....hahahahahaha, i hope they know i'm either too ohnest or creative for my own good, they will nevcer know...well wish me luck for the new year, please stoip by and offer me some critiques and comments and brainwash me to quit smoking and exercise more and eat better, men's health can't do everything u know. I have been living and enjoying the single life for about a year and a half, maybe longer, and if straight people knew how hard it was to find a good boyfriend they would appreciate gay love on a higher level....anyway good luck in the new year to all you poets, and all of u who atre about to leave me crude snide remarks and stuff, have fun beating around the bush with the new child safe words...hahahahaha I'll enjoy every ounce of venom in your happy words you poetically turn ill, my shadows!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXtime passesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I am about 26 i have been writing on this site for probably a year, right now i have psoriasis a rash i cant explain and a tooth ache and i just got over strep through and oh yeah i have three mouse traps set up to catch a mouse, eeew, but enough about poor me, someone with bad teeth dumped me boo hoo! I've read a lot of poor poetry and was nice and learned from it and was nice but held back in criticism but now i wan tot share so now I'm a poetic critique Nazi, it helps me learn and inspire me, you might one Day too be haunted by the ghosts of the many criticism or the p[oetic valley of shadow of shadowfiend!!!! Still single, wrote three radio stations about their low level in promoting canadian events like the pride parade and cultural and ethnic events(Like Keri west, heritage days, etcetera,) in our community i told them about ;earning to handle their sphere of influence in a democracy, asked them to mention more than hockey hockey hockey all year round as i was sick of being interrupted of my excellent audible bliss of music(I'm being sarcastic) to realize they worshipped the sport and now I'm reaching out to Americans to set ab etter example with the free speech they have! OH hell just read me I'm pullin yer chain igot everything im a drunk bum chewin yer ear an insanity disorder i pop pills fer and it thrills me everyday to chase mice who pull at my hair for their nests and tho ghosts in the halls of my mansion that never ends as its every building ive ever been in>>>>XXXXXXXXXXXXmore time passesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ive been reading tarot cards professionally with the rider waite deck people said ai was soo good because i was predicting real events like divorces and family reunions and all sorts of stuff, ive stopped that now, counted over lifes lessons and how many times ive been creatively thrown away have learned from it want to cure other peoples rages and pains, but sometimes ruba dirty rag in their face and pick the scabs, but im no racist, im just being creatrive and rebellious.XXXXXXXXXEven more time passes but not muchXXXXXXXX

Canada came and went with no recognition on the entire internet except from canadians but all the majhot internet companiws ignored them event hough they are a huge customer, no customer appreciation ? propoganda? predjudice? or reality and should i learn to accept the truth? but how do you really prove to me you love me?


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