Shima Nesari Haghighi Fard


He gazed at me with empty looks
He knew me not yet I knew me
A tender hearted woman with deep love
He asked for my hands on his knee

He said he loves me yet I knew not
This is not love he shows to me

I breathe deeply from inside
And pictured him in my imagination
He loves me deep or he loves my looks
Is this love, and null of temptation?

Will he love me for eternity?
Will he embrace only me in his arms?
Will I leave him with a broken heart?
And he will one day forget all of my charms?

Does he want me to be a mother?
Of our lovingly child
Or he wants me as his queen
Does he act gentle and not wild?

Will I be his bride
For the whole of his life?
And not just for one night
Or I will remain for him only a wife?

Does he love me more than the others?
That he once did love in his love life
Or he just likes me and nothing more
And loved them more while I am his wife?

Will he open his heart for another lover?
And will forget me once that I am gone?
A frozen mind with no feelings
Am I not for him the only one?

Shall I believe in what I feel?
Or shall I leave for what I see?
Will he make me happy for eternity?
And does he truly love me?

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