“Let me live in your land”

I abandoned the land that I used to live in
With my little daughter in my arms
I escaped from the bombs and gunfire
That had opened fire on my home and farms

I had seen the world from a dark burqa
A world which had been made of many holes
Now that the burqa has gone, the world is pure
And my soul is free like other souls

I escaped from extremist groups
With tearful eyes and a helpless child
To reach a place where I can rest
And step where no one is wild

I have left the land where I was a slave
A land where I was born for a man
To share his bed and give birth
Without he loving me as a woman

I walked for a long time under the sun
With my baby and a hopeful heart
To find a land where I can call it home
And plan for a new life to start

I am just a homeless Afghan mother
My lonely hands are calling your hand
I believe in your kindness and tenderness
Will you let me live in your land?

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“Let me live in your land”

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