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Price Of Fame

The Eleventh commandment,
Thou shalt not get caught,
Break that at your peril and
A life may crumble to naught.
He was a literary Dorian Gray
Who plagiarised, stole and took
Everything he considered needed
To ensure success of his books.
Week by month by year
He achieved his fame
Until the wide world over
Billions knew his name.
He progressed through life
Amassing considerable wealth
His finances from his sales
Maintained very sound health.

But his sins were kept stored
On the Dark Web of the Internet
A fact the depth of his succe
Sadly caused  him to forget.
He awoke one morning to find
The denouement had begun
Bit by bit his literary crimes
Being  published by the Sun.
Not a thing that he could do
To protect his once good name
And his sales sunk to nothing
From his once height of fame.
He wanders the streets muttering
A shrunken prematurely aged man
Despised, rejected, and cast out
By each of his once massed fans.

His books have been remaindered
Or shredded, and then  burned
And the high  Courts of Justice
Sequestered every penny earned
There's a moral to this story that
He forgot to considerable cost,
It may be hidden on the Dark Web
But nothing there is ever really lost.
A little leak here and there and
It   can it be found and hacked
And however securely encrypted
Not a code that can't be cracked.
If  you make a pact with the Devil
It's  kept on the Dark Web's Hub
And there's not a mortal capable of
Escaping  pacts  with Beelzebub.

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