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Hi There:

I'm glad you have taken the time to stop by and to visit my site. You'll find a variety of poetry and I'm going to in the near future have some short stories.

I am retired and enjoy most of my days reading and writing. I have a wonderful husband and a Jack Russel Terrier named, Ringo. Ringo sits beneath my chair and gives me comfort as I write. He'll reach up and nuzzle my hand with a kiss giving me the opportunity to take a break.

I have been in various anthologies and also poetry reviews on the INTERNET. I never had the time to pursue my writing but my retirement has given me time to concentrate on my writing.

I have two books due out in the near future; one is a romance/suspense, titled, "No Goodbyes," and the other one is a murder mystery, titled, "A Stranger's Visit. I'll provide more details when the books are released.

I like sports, music, reading, writing and the theater. Life to me is like a beautiful yellow buttercup and I make use of everyday.

I thank you for your visit and I welcome you to come back and visit since we are just starting to get our site up an running.

All poetry listed on this site has copyrights.

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Barbara Ann Smith
Poetry From The Heart

NOTE: My book titled, "No Goodbye," a Romance/Suspense, is available through PublishAmerica. It can be purchased at www.publishamerica.com/books/8288 for $9.95. I hope you will consider purchasing and give me some feedback.

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