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"What inspires me is what inspires most poets; my heart, my feelings, and the dreams I dream." –Adam M. Snow
"I have no control over what I write. The words just comes to me, I just put it to paper." –Adam M. Snow
"I am willing to explore all aspects of my life, to see what all I can do, to see if there is a limit to all things I am able to do. I am always up for a challenge, and I welcome all challenges life brings my way." –Adam M. Snow
Profession: Poet/writer, Philosopher & Photographer
Adam M. Snow is a popular internet poet known by many. Snow was born May 30th of 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona where he still lives. When he was born, he was lacked of oxygen and almost died. At age 5, Adam was soon diagnosed with ADHD with speech impediment; he was always in and out of hospitals because of it. Snow started writing poetry in 2003 though he originally started writing short stories. It was through his cousin that had inspired him to write poetry in the first place. Adam writes metaphorical style poetry and has experimented often with different styles of poetry; such as free verse, ode and lyrics. He was always alone throughout high school as he was a victim of bullying; he kept his distance from everyone, he remained by himself. He then graduated high school in 2006 from Tolleson Union High School; he suffered many years of unemployment. On the 9th of December in 2009, he lost his dad to cancer; some of his poems he wrote, he wrote for him. Snow is a Pentecostal Christian yet some of his poetry can be dark, but with a biblical meaning throughout it; like the poem 'Undying Tomorrow' for example. Over the years, Adam had so many people tell him that he should stop writing, that he’s not good. That never stopped him; he still writes poetry to this very day and he continues to inspire people through his works.
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"God has not forsaken the people; the people have forsaken God." –Adam M. Snow
"An enemy is a friend, who's blind and cannot see the kindness of your heart." –Adam M. Snow
"Live life freely and not a bird in caged. It is what it is and only you can open the cage and let your life free." –Adam M. Snow
"Life is like a caged bird, who sings only to pleases but dreams only to be free." –Adam M. Snow
"It's better to give few words whether it's just one than none at all." –Adam M. Snow
"Life's about risks; if you don't take that risk, what is there to learn?" –Adam M. Snow
"Life is too short for grudges, it's also too short for love; but I'd rather live a short life of love then a life of grudges." –Adam M. Snow
"A poet is when you have nothing but words on your mind; words dying to be set free, words longing to be inspired, words longing to live on long after you have past. As long as your mind is full of words, you will always be a poet." –Adam M. Snow
"Judge not the flesh of man, but the soul of man alone." –Adam M. Snow
"One can't based love by appearance, for it be but false love; but if one based love from the feelings of the heart, then it be true." –Adam M. Snow
"By judging others, you judge yourself." –Adam M. Snow
"Believe not the lies of man, but the truth of the one true living God, spoken unto man." –Adam M. Snow
"Trust is an important part of a relationship and without trust there is no love and without love there is no relationship. Trust is what keeps relationships alive and without trust there's only hate" –Adam M. Snow
"A man who put himself before others, is but chaos waiting to happen. But a man who put others before him, is a man who's willing to sacrifice all." –Adam M. Snow
"Even a broken life can become whole." –Adam M. Snow
"Sometimes it's best to stop looking with our eyes and start looking with our hearts." –Adam M. Snow
"Learn from your problems like you learn from your mistakes." –Adam M. Snow
"This world is but a temporary home, our life is the path, the road to our home, but it takes the right path to get there and it takes going down some hard roads to make it home." –Adam M. Snow "One is never alone for the Lord is always there." –Adam M. Snow
"Sometimes, the best way for one to be found is to stay lost." –Adam M. Snow
"A wish is but a goal in life." –Adam M. Snow
"To know yourself is to know your heart, to know your heart is to seek your dream." –Adam M. Snow
"Life is fragile like a child's dream." –Adam M. Snow
"To win a fight one must know the enemy, to win a war one must become the enemy." –Adam M. Snow
"One cannot predict the future, only God has the power to." –Adam M. Snow
"You never learn anything unless you try." –Adam M. Snow
"It's always easy to hate yet so hard to forgive but, it takes love to overcome hate and it takes love to make it easy to forgive; love is a powerful thing yet it's also fragile but with God, love is unbreakable." –Adam M. Snow
"We are broken up, scattered like an unfinished puzzle and the only pieces that are missing are honor, loyalty, friendship, trust, and most important love. Without these the puzzle will never be one." –Adam M. Snow

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