Love Lost

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In August, 2004, I met my soulmate in Portland, Oregon. Ondine was one of the world's most beautiful women, at age 30, a young, intelligent, vibrant, exciting, and passionate spirit. Having survived a youth of alcohol and drugs, she had been re-creating herself as an artist when we met. I helped her with her art, I helped her discover her inner beauty, I helped her find success as best I knew how. In the process we fell deeply in love. But her dark side continued to pull her under, though less and less each cycle. Just as she seemed to be achieving her goals, I lost the woman who completed me.

When my love died June 1, 2005, I was lost for months. With help from her family, I regained a semblance of life. But with the help of Ondine herself, I have found both new hope and a new appreciation for life and death. My poetry is in tribute to Ondine and to all those who have experienced the loss of the love of their life. Each poem is based on my experience with and my learning from Ondine. She gave me invaluable gifts in life. She continues to do so every day. Ondine's passing has taught me that love conquers all.