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1. Beautiful Butterfly - A Symbol of Hope
2. When Covid19 is Over!
3. Covid19 - A Tale of Unity & Love!
4. Pure Heart
5. Time to Heal
6. At One With Nature
7. Rise Up!
8. Fight or Flight Mode
9. Unregulated Emotions!
10. You & Me - The Way it was Designed to Be!
11. Itís Time to Change Direction & to Believe in You!
12. Victim or Perpetrator! A knife cuts deep!
13. John Hartley Roberts- Now You Are Gone!
14. Eternally Blessed ❤️ (Dadís death)
15. A Life Through Borrowed Eyes!
16. I see you! The Induced Coma!
17. Depression: ĎLike a Ripple in the Waterí
18. A Silent Argument
19. Time
20. Gone But Not Forgotten!
21. How Do You Know Itís Your Happy Ever After?
23. Imagine Your Worries
24. The Separation of the Spirit from the Body!
25. Temple
26. Confessions of the Heart
27. Another Layer of Suffered Skin
28. You Are Unique & Exceptionally Fine
29. Depression Sitting in Wait
30. A Visit to the Consultant
31. Life Is As Fragile As A Sheet Of Glass
32. Errol Green Eyes
33. A Commuters Dare
34. I trusted you with all four corners of my heart
35. Consumed - (A Tale of Bereavement)
36. To kiss your rosebud lips (2nd Miscarriage)
37. Only One Set of Footprints (Suffered Skin)
38. Alcohol Consumed her - (My Sister Mary)
39. Miscarriage - Baby Diandre, gone but not forgotten
40. Faces: A Journey on the London Tube
41. I Opened My Eyes
42. Looking Through Glass Eyes
43. Aftermath (Part 2): The Image in The Mirror is Not Me.
44. The Aftermath (Part 1) of Drug Rape
45. The Illusion of a Rapist
46. Angels Take Flight
47. The Invasion of the Tenant
48. The Buzz in the Fuzz (counselling)
49. To mum I had a dream

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