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1. Friend - You Just Don’t Seem to Care!
2. How Do You Know It’s Your Happy Ever After?
3. Time
4. A Silent Argument
5. Gone But Not Forgotten!
6. Give Me Back The Life That My ill Health Stole!
7. Depression: ‘Like a Ripple in the Water’
9. Imagine Your Worries
10. This Constant Dread
11. A New Years Eve encounter with an Ex!
12. People Don't Really Want to Know!
13. The Separation of the Spirit from the Body!
14. Temple
15. Confessions of the Heart
16. Another Layer of Suffered Skin
17. Layers of Suffered Skin - (Full Version)
18. You Are Unique & Exceptionally Fine
19. Depression Sitting in Wait
20. Creep
21. I Can't Be All The Things You Want Me To Be
22. A Visit to the Consultant
23. Gutted
24. Life Is As Fragile As A Sheet Of Glass
25. Errol Green Eyes
26. A Commuters Dare
27. The End
28. I trusted you with all four corners of my heart
29. Consumed - (A Tale of Bereavement)
30. To kiss your rosebud lips (2nd Miscarriage)
31. Its father’s day what can I say….
32. Only One Set of Footprints (Suffered Skin)
33. Alcohol Consumed her - (My Sister Mary)
34. Miscarriage - Baby Diandre, gone but not forgotten
35. Why
36. Seeking Freedom
37. Faces: A Journey on the London Tube
38. I Opened My Eyes
39. Where is the Justice?
40. Looking Through Glass Eyes
41. Aftermath (Part 2): The Image in The Mirror is Not Me.
42. The Aftermath (Part 1) of Drug Rape
43. Family a Question of Perception
44. Who am I
45. Indispensable
46. The Illusion of a Rapist
47. New Years Day
48. The Relationship Faker
49. Angels Take Flight
50. Christmas is a Time
51. Emotional Terrorist
52. The Black hole of Life
53. The Invasion of the Tenant
54. The Buzz in the Fuzz (counselling)
55. Taking Down the Screen
56. Separation: The Reflection of Insanity
57. Tick, tick, tick went the seconds of my life
58. Staring
59. Flashes
60. Making sense of non-sense
61. The sword
62. To mum I had a dream
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