Yellow Line

You lost your flip flop
At the beginning, before you walked
Along that yellow line.

That yellow line
On the side of a road
I'll always put in my vault
And hold to me like frozen lemonade
Barefoot in our own teenage motorcade
Barefoot down the street

And Jean shorts
With tanned long legs I can still taste
A little coconut, carrot spf 30
Which I was never worthy to waste.

You know, I miss you, i miss our salty walks
My tequila driven, late night stalks
When all i wanted , was for you
To see my face and fix this.

But I was 18

You break me still
In my 40's and I pay that bill


Let me still have the beach
Where I followed your feet
Along the yellow line
On the road we couldnt complete.

Can I keep these for me?
Can I hold your bikini in my hand
Can I wipe your lips of the wind blown sand

And walk with me

Every wave moves our bodies
And pushes us
Our lives never knew

Remember me when the waves come in
Remember when the walls cave in
Remember when you feel me within
If you ever walk that yellow line again.

Your feet hurt
Your skin burnt
And I was totally occupied by your salty skin
I burn within baby

Let's fix this
On our yellow line

Walk to the left
And keep your burning feet
On the yellow line.

Side of the road
Your fingertips my goal
And how we got home
Is my biggest miss as we got old.

Barefoot on the side of road

Prettiest eyes
Prettiest face
Doing everything I thought
You'd do in this crazy place

Can we go back to the beach one time?
Can you take off your Jean shorts
One more time?

I saw the waves on your feet
Everytime, we walked the yellow line
I know I'll see you again.

The ferry comes
And I was always dumb
For how I treated you

Its us till the end
Can we bend, a little my way
And find the small things
that got us to friends.

I will never see your face again
Time has gone and I cant pretend,
Anymore, that I'll begin

To see your face
To see your face

Because you're gonna hold on to
Things you could never find
After we walked together
Along that yellow line

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Yellow Line

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