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Hello, I am the second born child of a family of five.
I am a woman of great passion for poetry and I write of many personal experiences,
life, death and the deep rooted pain that leaves its imprint.
I have had this love embedded deeply and as long as forever.
I have been the reclusive one in the family social but, always ready for the down time alone.
It helps me to reflect on a much deeper level thus putting me in contact with the child within, the young lady within and most importantly the woman I am today!
I am all about tranquility and peace.
I love the scent of soothing candles burning and flutes and chimes in the background.
I love old country and soul music as it embraces my heart! I am just an old soul at heart.
So welcome into my world of poetry and please leave feedback and
also sign my guestbook!

Poet, Friend, Advisor, and Above All;