Poetry - The Backyard Of My Life, Keith Hagger

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1. Love Shining A Light
2. Keeper To The Wishing Well
3. Here She Comes (Girl With The Golden Voice)
4. The Tragedy Of The Modern World
5. Lion Heart
6. The Old Evil Woman From The Dark House
7. If You Let Them Kill You (Crucify Your Mind)
8. Money Is Garbage
9. Old Enemy Of Mine
10. The Book I Write Will Never Close
11. Don't Come Crying To Me Tonight
12. Walls Of Flowers
13. Wind Of Change (Breaking The Spell)
14. Apple Of My Eye
15. Heart Full Of Faith To Get By
16. For Your World
17. The Seven Mirrors
18. Matilda Pretty Little Maid
19. Tomorrow Is Always Another Day
20. She's Got A Heart Of Fire
21. If I Ain't Got You (Going Nowhere Fast)
22. Love In Colour
23. Bridge Over A Sea Of Sorrow
24. The Writer And The Painter
25. They Don't Care About You
26. Would You Do It Again
27. When Worlds Collide
28. Time Flew Away Like A Bird In The Sky
29. Seven Dead Horses Down In The Doldrums
30. A Night Of A Thousand Sunsets
31. I Will Follow You To The End Of Forever
32. In Her Eyes
33. Where We Built Our Dreams
34. If You Say So
35. From Your Window (Black Velvet Lady)
36. The Girl With Raven Black Hair
37. Meet Me In The Morning Rain
38. All These Things That We Don't Know
39. Yellow Taxi At The Silver Mountains Under The Black Sun
40. Tangled Up In The Fallen Vines
41. A Simple Observation
42. Yellow Bird (Sailing To Somewhere Far Away)
43. Suitcase Full Of Fire (Dreams Come Crashing Down)
44. Never Stop Doing What You Love
45. Waiting For A Cosmic Girl
46. Castle Somewhere In The Sky
47. Wonder Who Shes Kissing Now
48. Looking For You
49. Beautiful Bird With A Broken Wing
50. Echoes/Lily Of The Valley
51. Blue Roses (Pretty Valentine)
52. Lonely Waterfalls Washing Over Me
53. Where The Cards Of Fate Fall
54. Hills Of Hell Fire
55. Queen Of The Night With A Crown Of Roses
56. You Want What You Cant Have
57. Trying To Get To You
58. Walking With Lady Diamond
59. A World Without You
60. Let The Dream Take Flight
61. Black Rose Ball
62. The Puppet Show
63. Brown Eyed Girl Of Black Water Bay
64. Wake Me Up When The Whistle Blows
65. Crazy Nights
66. Winter Lady Long Tailed Peacock
67. Venus Kiss Of Love
68. Stuck Here Trying To Get To Heaven
69. And She Knows Why
70. When Love Comes Along
71. The Rose Of Washington Square
72. If You Can Tell Me
73. Yesterdays Children
74. Blow Up In Smoke
75. Goodbye Gabriella
76. Give Freedom Back To The People
77. Another Dream To Chase
78. Tears Running Down My Face
79. Who Can See It?
80. White Nightshade
81. Smoke Hole
82. Sleepwalker
83. The Great Escape
84. World Of Twist
85. From Out Of Nowhere
86. Broken Bells In The Atomic City
87. The Stranger
88. The One Eyed Witch Doctor
89. Time On My Hands
90. Zombie Nation (Wake Up)
91. Half Broken Butterfly
92. Paper Thin Heart
93. Edge Of The Night
94. Misty Morning With Yellow Roses
95. The Other Side Of The Mirror
96. Birds Of Prey (Both Ends Of The Rainbow)
97. People Made Of Sand (Walking Out Into The Wind)
98. The Oil Mill
99. Black Violets
100. You Can Lie To Yourself (Just Don't Lie To Me)
101. The Girl In A Butterfly City
102. Paper Moon With A Scarlet Sea
103. Gold Rush Day Dreams Of Freedom
104. The House On The Hill
105. Waiting For The Miracle To Come
106. Saturday Night Chaos Sunday Morning Blues
107. Mercury Queen (She Don't Love Nobody)
108. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
109. The War On Consciousness
110. When The Butterfly Breaks The Wheel
111. Yellow Sky (Blue Smoke On The Bay)
112. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
113. Mighty Like A Rose
114. Black & Yellow Electric Garden
115. Pink Carnation
116. Doors Of Perception
117. The Flying Circus With The Jupiter Blues
118. Digging A Hole (The Answers At The End)
119. Crystal Ship
120. Dandelion Carriage Clock
121. Carousel Of Secrets
122. Crazy Fantasy
123. Shes Got Me Walking On Air
124. Along Came The Devil
125. Confessions Of A Japanese Jailbird
126. Gaslight Cafe
127. Tequila Teardrops
128. Case File 303
129. Shadow Moon (Waiting For The Sky To Fall)
130. Meet Me After Midnight Down At Mexico
131. Black Nightingale
132. Fame (The Mask)
133. Forty Thieves
134. Rebel Songbird
135. Who Built The Matrix
136. Last Winter Dance
137. The White Owl
138. The Man Who Fell To Earth
139. North Country Road
140. Night Fishing In The Desert
141. The Pirate With The Crystal Ball
142. Twelve Monkeys
143. Dream Lover Of My Lifetime
144. Star Of Wonder
145. Cradle The Morning
146. Lullaby#8
147. The Madman Theory
148. Thunder Trapper Swamp
149. The Girl In The Plastic Bubble
150. The Only Lonely Place Is The Moon
151. Keep On Dreaming!
152. She Was Born To Touch My Soul
153. Mount Fuji
154. Fire Bird
155. Out Of Yesterday
156. Gasoline Alley
157. Big Pink And The Great White Wonder
158. A Glitter Gig For Wendy
159. Bebop Jazz Street
160. Talking To The Gypsy Girl
161. The Wrong Side Of Goodbye
162. Lady In Blue
163. Rain man And The Valley Cats
164. Wendy Winters
165. Dusk Till Dawn
166. Girl From Jupiter
167. The Lonely Grave Of Daisy Hawkins
168. Dr John The Night Tripper
169. The Impossible Dream
170. Acid Tongue
171. Flowers In The Dirt
172. The Ballad Of Earl Nightingale
173. She's Crazy For My Wild Side
174. Beyond The Hills
175. Late Night Dancer
176. Glass Eye
177. Just Cant Win
178. The Sonic Rebel
179. Dogs Of War
180. Room 33
181. Bernice And The Magic Boots
182. Long Way Down
183. Hollywood Vampires
184. Silver Raindrops
185. The Power Of Now
186. Lady In The Thunderbolt Skirt
187. Pictures Of Lilly
188. A Day Dream Machine
189. The Smoking Gun
190. Candy Rose
191. House Of The Rising Dead
192. Pass Me Down The Mary Jane
193. The Fallen Angel
194. Red Scarlet
195. Watermelon Bay
196. The Queen Of Heaven
197. My Soul Is Forever Young
198. Midnight Rider On A Cloud Of Smoke
199. Bridge To Nowhere (On The Road To Cloud Nine)
200. The Other Half Of The Sky
201. The Girl With Angel Eyes
202. Run All Night
203. The Magic Follows Her Around
204. The Meeting
205. You And Me Forever
206. A Friend Like You
207. Postcards From Heaven
208. Shes Got Everything
209. Blinded By The Light
210. Turn My Tears To Gold
211. The Only Girl My Heart Beats For
212. Dragonfly
213. Set My Soul On Fire
214. Let Love Rain Down On Me
215. To Me Your Perfect
216. Run Away With Me
217. The Girl With The Unicorn Tattoo
218. Lady Mademoiselle
219. Waiting For Tonight
220. Heart Of Mine
221. Dreaming Of a Revolution
222. Never Give Up On Love
223. Flying Colours
224. Never Be Bad To You
225. Halloween Night
226. Shes Got The Way To Move Me
227. Let Me In To Your Heart
228. Her Red Raincoat
229. Black Bridge
230. The King Of The World
231. Diamond Queen
232. The Boy With Butterfly Wings
233. Wild Cherry
234. The Underdog
235. Three Friends Forever
236. Follow Your Heart
237. The Majestic Twelve
238. Strawberry Gardens
239. Ghost Rider And Lady Godiva
240. Something Wonderful
241. Last Thing On My Mind
242. Waiting For The Girl
243. Never Be Scared To Dream
244. Now I See
245. Pretty Little Thing
246. Psychedelic Friday
247. The Curious Case Of Suicide Sally And The Monkey Man
248. A Clockwork Orange
249. The Rolling Stone
250. The Light Comes From Within
251. Last Train To Tinsel Town
252. When The Heavens Rain Fire
253. A Twist Of Barbwire (Through The Heart)
254. My Memory Box
255. About You
256. The Kinky Wizard
257. Cherry Lane
258. Run With The Wind
259. A Lonely Road Tonight
260. Chasing Down My Blues
261. Faster Then The Speed Of Magic
262. Wall Flower
263. Ray Of Light
264. Through The Darkness
265. Spin The Bottle
266. Today Tomorrow Always
267. Live The Dream
268. Don't Throw Our Love Away
269. Crying In The Rain
270. Rock 'N' Roll Queen
271. Whispers On The Wind
272. Beauty Itself
273. Storms Make You Stronger
274. On The Wings Of Love
275. Under The Midnight Moon
276. The Drugs Den
277. Live A Little Love A Little
278. Man On Fire
279. Close To Me
280. Under Your Thumb
281. Wake Up!
282. Save Your Own Soul
283. Saturday Morning
284. Madam Butterfly
285. The Girl Who Gets My Heart
286. The Diamond Queen
287. The Colourful Way
288. Never Let Me Go
289. Let My Love Fall Down Like Rain
290. Watching Down From Heaven
291. Love Is A Flower
292. Winter Rose
293. Merry Christmas
294. The Man With No Heart
295. To Fionna
296. Tonight Could Be The Night
297. I Love You Lady
298. The End Of The Beginning
299. Rolling Thunder
300. Dont Be Down
301. Brainstorm
302. Give You Love All The Time
303. Electric Love
304. Flowing With Life
305. The Sky Is Falling Down
306. My Heart Belongs To You
307. Bird Of Paradise
308. Rain On My Parade
309. Julies Poem
310. The Songwriters
311. Dark Red Scorpio
312. The Deadbeats
313. The Godfather
314. Full Circle
315. Drugs Drink And Daft Silly Songs
316. Lifestyle
317. Noise Nuisance
318. Lots Of Love
319. Miss Perfect #
320. Inside My Soul
321. Sweet Heart
322. Cant Fight Lightning
323. The Girl With The Sunshine Smile
324. The Artist
325. A Night On The Town
326. Just My Bit On The Side
327. The Dream Is Over
328. Avondale Close
329. Girl Stop Crying
330. Its Me Not You
331. Talking To Angles
332. Hailys Song
333. Shes Not Anyone
334. Chemical Nights
335. She Loves Me
336. In My Dreams
337. The Clowns Crown
338. Goodbye Girl
339. Beautiful Blue Eyes
340. Wonderful Woman
341. The Multi Colour Band
342. 90s Child
343. Member Of The Mob
344. Flown The Nest
345. Dont Go Stepping All Over My Dreams
346. The World Is Yours
347. Nobodys Perfect
348. Paint The Sky
349. The Wonder Years
350. Last Stop Down
351. Dont Burn My Heart Out
352. Diamond Meadows
353. My Little Princess
354. Live Fast Die Young
355. Rainbow Girl
356. Little Miss Magic
357. Dirty Dresses And Sexy Skirts
358. Along Came A Spider
359. Stop And Smell The Roses
360. Dont Waste My Time
361. Bridge Over Memory Lane

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