The Mistress of Word Play

December 21, 2006
Gary and I got married on December 16, 2006 around 12 noon Tennessee time.
We hope you will keep us in your prayers as we start this wonderous journey down life's road together. P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year readers of poetry everywhere.

I am pleased to announce I have recently become engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. He is all I can ever want or need. God bless each of you! Please join me in the great joy I feel at having found my special man.

I am at this time trying to revamp some of what I have on this site. If you have trouble opening some of the poems, please come back later. I promise the remakes will be worth the trip
Thanks for all the good feedback and encouragement.
Thank you Rich for helping me figure out how to make the pages look and sound better.
I am in the process of writing 2 books. Hope to have them finished shortly, but I may be like Agatha Christy and write my first book at
a later time.
I am working on publishing a short story and also a thesis which I
wrote in College.
I hope that when you read these words they will hold some meaning for
A good writer can make words rhyme and spell correctly, whereas a great
writer can evoke a feeling with their words. Hopefully I am the latter.
Please remember God's greatest commandment. Love one another.
Thank you to all of the people in my life who encouraged me to use God's gifts.
I will try to add to this site as much as I can. Please give the girl a break if you will. I have six classes this semester, plus work.
If you are enjoying the poems, great, come back. I will try weekly to add things.
I have had some very good feedback this far and want to thank those people who have read and enjoy the things God gave me.
Off to school Hi Ho!
I want to thank my family, my friends, the new friends I have meet because of this site, and those other people who have been reading my works. From me to all of you, Know this thing is true, You've brought smiles a tear or two, I wrote these words for me and you.
I have uploaded two short stories, a term paper on cyber criminals, and the Prologue and Chapter 1 of my book Cotton Candy Sky on the following website:
If you like to read more than poetry see what you think. Feed back is appreciated.
Have a good day,
Some say love never dies but here to tell you it does. Divorcing my husband of 6 years it seems I did not know the man I married afterall.
I am going to revamp some of my older web pages with the help of my grandsons. They want to learn web design so I have my work cut out for me. I am also stripping every trace but one of Gary Hines from my pages. I have moved on and have found a wonderful man who in time I hope will be in my life forever. God is good all the time. He has blessed me with love. He has also given me back the gift of writing. Thank you Lord it feels like coming home. Just remember if God blesses you share it.

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