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My poems were created to help mankind have a deeper understanding of what is happening around us. Hopefully to bring normality back to a sinking world where compassion, love and understanding are the basic necessities for life.

For Governments; my poems were meant to create an understanding about reality. Without working people there would be no one to pay taxes, or to provide the luxuries Government Official demand.

The root of world wide problems lies within the Government frame work. They need to be more in tune with the people. Everyone is entitled to the basic necessities of life. Its up to the Government to give them a fair go.

The time is now for us to act! Peace is essential to the survival of our humanity.

"The Psychic Child" has just been published. This a true and an amazing story about a families 'Psychic Ability' which has been passed on to the younger generation. This book is available in Australia through www.lulu.com/vdluecht in 2005. Anyone interested in this fascinating subject can purchase a book on line at http://www.lulu.com/vdluecht or through Barnes and Noble Bookstore - America.

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May God Bless!

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