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This site is dedicated to my family, friends,

and anyone that appreciates life's joys.

I hope these pages make you smile,

reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear.

Let's make this more about the Poetry than the Poet.  Narrative prose, Narrative metaphoric prose                Limpid Prose, Romantics, Political in a Deference Manner, Story Format prose, might as well say all; is    my choice of  Poetic Works.  Poetry has its own body, nurtured and guided it will turn out sensational like a child reared in a God loving home. The artist's history and third eye (mind's eye) helps one develop a        sense of what is appropriate for their artistic flair.  I write to make people think, to take a look                    at themselves and to see all possibilities.  Not only what life is, but what it can be                                        made to be.  Words are our                                                                                            weapon of the tongue, because of choices, what one chooses can possibly affect        humanity.  Words are omnipotent, every war has word origination.