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1. Americans Must Make A Choice
2. Another Winter Is Coming Very Soon
3. Another Year Is Now Ending
4. As Hard As We Try To Help People Out
5. At One Time I Loved Winter
6. Autumn's Most Beautiful Colors
7. A Tale Of Robbing Peter To Pay Paul
8. A False God And His Idiot Czars - Round Two
9. Blinders And Rose Colored Glasses!
10. Can You See Things Clearly In Your Life
11. Come To The USA - Video By Ray Stevens
12. Do You Vote Or Do You Take Your Freedom And Rights For Granted?
13. Everyone Is Suffering From Hard Times Now!
14. God Save Arizona
15. God's Love Letter
16. Here I Am Lord
17. In Memory of President Ronald Reagan
18. It Is Always Rewarding To Be Able To Give At Christmas
19. I Can Only Imagine - By Michael W. Smith
20. I Fooled Them All Once And I Can Do It Again
21. I Long For The Good Old Days Of The Past
22. I Think I Was Left Back In 2012
23. Many Have Worked Hard & Lost Everything They Owned
24. Mr. President! Mr. President! - Video By Ray Stevens
25. No Snow For Christmas
26. Obama Nation - Video By Ray Stevens
27. Obama's First Term Has Brought Us To Our Knees
28. Pleasant Thoughts Of Spring On A Bitter Cold Day
29. President Reagan Warned Americans - But We Didn't Listen
30. The Chilling Facts And Details Of Obamacare
31. The Content And The Character Of Our Current Leader
32. The Fabulous Fifties
33. The Liberal Self Serving Me Generation
34. The Obama Budget Plan - Video By Ray Stevens
35. The Wonders Of Fall
36. This Is The Air I Breathe
37. Throw The Bums Out - Video By Ray Stevens
38. Whatever Happen To Our Summer?
39. Will Winter Ever Leave Us???

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