My name is SALLIE, an animal, music, nature, art enthusiast who was born in the PHILIPPINES.

My fondness for writing began when I was eight years old inspired after I read vernacular short stories written by my mother. My dad, in his early years was a music lover/guitarist and was also impressive in his ways to divulge his inner thoughts and feelings.

I became a scriptwriter, stage director and performer in one after winning the monologue contest on December 16, 1973 and Maikling Kuwento ni (Short Story by) Lola Basyang three years after. This went on both in my school and denomination as masscomm society president, publication editor, campus reporter, drama guild vice president, scholar, International Varsity Christian Fellowship executive chairman, Christian Brotherhood International student adviser, College Editors' Guild of the Philippines school delegate or representative, among others.

I worked as city journalist, copyreader, radio drama scriptwriter, intensive English teacher to Korean nationals back home and private tutor to several Chinese-Filipino children and Thai citizen. At the same time, I was a congregational member of the choir, its newsletter's editor-in-chief, president of locale singles club, translator/transcriber from Tagalog to English Pagsamba Ng Kabataan lessons and so on.

In December 1995, my parents, two younger siblings and I went to Canada. From there, I work as a health care professional and part time contributing writer to three Filipino news journals both in Toronto and in Paris. My journalistic inclination never stops even for awhile because that's the discernible mode for me to express or reveal my innermost feelings. My favorite part is jotting down allegorical verses in either English or Tagalog.

In 1999, I came up with the publication of SELF-DISCLOSURE, my first prose and poetry book which I dedicated to a dear canine companion who died of cardiac arrest, severe depression and bronchial asthma under the care of my only brother in the Philippines. This tragic event occurred even if the author regularly sent $350 (Cdn) for my dog's board, food and veterinary allowance as well as my brother's daily expenses. He has a live-in partner and six children whereas I at that juncture was still single. I still have the enthusiasm to write because my inspiration is my 18-year old son named SYED ALI RAZA as well as the memories of my dog whose unconditional love, the courage to stand by me, a one-of-a kind friendship, and extreme loyalty to myself touched my very soul. Thanks a whole lot and may you have a great day ahead of you...

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