The figurative verses you 
gonna read in this poetry site were primarily based on the feelings I had in the past. I hid for quite some time and only came out of my shell in 1996 when I was working fulltime in Toronto. Aside from my parents and siblings, only my online pals knew about my gender preference. I never told anything to my personal friends regarding my sexual orientation because I'm not pretty sure how will they react if they read this disclosure. However, accepting who and what I am was the very best thing I did for myself. This is me and whoever loves me should accept the fact that this is who I really am, a transgendered male. I live and act like a man since 1978. But I recall being the leader of the pack or my girl peers who I always defended if some bullies teased, annoyed or physically hurt them. I played plastic guns, swords and I bicycled most of the time wearing white tee-shirts (kamiseta) and a boy shorts my mom used to buy just for me. I am the third in the family, with four sisters and a brother. I love judo, karate, boxing when I was a kid :). My favorite actors back then are Fernando Poe Jr., Joseph Estrada, Tony Ferrer and Charlie Davao (who portrayed a hero named Apollo).

To the new visitors and my comrades, please take your time absorbing my poems and do take note of how I truly appreciate your time in coming along here at my very first personal site, https://poetrypoem.com/thecreativepoet1208. My other website is just 
one click away via https://storypen.com/thewriter1193.

Elunesa, Joni, Elisa, Ursula, Norma G., Lenny D., 
Maredith, Letty R., Vivian, Cielo, Leah, Jade and Issa are the women who brought a difference in my world, who left a mark, a unique impression in my life in their own special way making them the most unforgettable personification I have ever encountered. They will not be forgotten, they won't be put into oblivion. Because of them that I prolong my expository and creative writing. Special mention to Dr. Marcy F., Ilonka C., Christina R. and Barbara P. for the huge help while raising my son alone.

I had childhood infatuation when my family and I were still living in Grace Park, Caloocan City namely Fely (who is 15 years older), my classmates 
Lynette and Evelyn, Miss Cruz and Miss Reyes who were my teachers in Grades 3 and 5 as well as Chona, Marilyn and Belinda in second-year
high school. I also have crushes on Marie Osmond, Nicole Kidman, the late Karen Carpenter, Kate Jackson, Cynthia Mulligan, the younger Yukino Ichikawa, Kouzai Kaoru and Julie Rogers.

You will come to realize that most of my poetic verses were written down as a tribute to my online sweetheart and ex-girlfriend Vivian. She is one maiden whose huge impact restored my lost enthusiasm by bringing back my confidence after losing Pam (my first online cynosure). Pam promised not to leave come what may but drifted away suddenly when the table turned against her. Yes, when she could no longer benefit from us by chatting and sending epistles both in the real world and in Yahoo. Vivian was once one damsel I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and would always love but I had to let her go because her children need their dad. If her husband would find out about us, then he would get sole custody of their offsprings. And as a parent myself, I understood Vivian's predicament so I let her go. I just wish that she is okay at this juncture.

--- SALLIE/July 29, 2020

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