Rick Weber lives in Ohio..I like stormy weather, I like to listen to the falling rain..I like the colour purple..and also really fine evenings with my wife..I like lemon scented candles..Nag Champi incense..I like all the conveniences this area has to offer..playing the acoustic guitar..petting my kitty..taking walks through the park..eating Gyros..potatos with cheese and bacon..I'm collecting posters again to hang on my walls..I like to read books of a polemic nature..lately, I've been reading Ayn Rand..and also getting into Hare Krishna consciousness stuff..I enjoy life and try to live my life according to my needs and not my wants..happiness isn't really that all allusive..you just have to center and focus..take into balance, and do right by doing the right thing..I hope you enjoy my poetry, as I have really enjoyed putting it all together for you to read..take care..Rick Weber

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