Thanks to everyone for reading my poetry.. I have over 10,000 hits..the reward I receive is all my poetic friends out there in cyberland reading my poetry..thank you all so much..it really is so kind of all of you to be reading my work..the news of Rick Weber is good news..I'm working steady..have a job..roof over my head..and loving wife and house cat..I'll never make the money I wish I could..but,money isn't everything right?haha..on occasion you might catch me at a poetry reading at the library..or,in the warmer months playing my guitar on the street corner..I play contempary rock,but in my heart..I'm a punk rocker..attitude and individuality is definatly the key folks..so..what else can I tell you..Iggy Pop is pushing 70 and he's still kicking out the jams..god love his soul..maybe one day rock n roll will inherit the earth..I'd like to say hi to my wife Christi Weber..hi honey..I love you! My mom Sue..Allen and Terri..Yattle and the boys..we'll get together soon..I promise..my cat whitey..and all my good friends at the Hospital in Ronceverte..where saving lives really matters most..take care..with love..rick weber---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------some time later..bring you up to date..I'm getting close to 50,000 hits..thank you thank you..I'd like to thank the Academy and all the little people who made this possible..but, seriously folks..a lot has happened between then and now...I'm back in Ohio..it looks like for good..the house I had lived in with my wife had burned down..that was the final icing on the cake..so we up and moved came to Ohio..the land of my birth..and have since settled down..I found work pretty quickly as well as my wife..we have a new kitty his name is Kitten Boy, ie "The Man from Kiev"..we are starting from scratch and intend to rebuild..through strength and determination of will..and the power of  positive mental attitude.laughter is good medicine to take as well..so to all the people who stood with us during our ordeal, thank you!  And to all the nasty b@#tards who thought they could break us..kiss my A@#..you know who you are..Rick Weber

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