Words unspoken, Words unread!


Military movements in Vietnam,
Courtesy of your Uncle Sam.
The Yankee invasion, assault on the Cong,
Millions of people said this was wrong.

Round after round released in the air,
Firing at things that weren't even there.
Flares in the sky to light all around,
The Viet Cong moving underground.

Bullets, napalm, a strong stench of death,
Men call to Jesus as they breathe their last breath.
Wave after wave the Charlie came too,
The Yanks, they weren't ready, they hadn't a clue.

Choppers and missiles all filling the skies,
Sent out to fight full of hatred and lies.
A war in a land full of earth, wind and flame,
When these soldiers came home, peoples heads bowed in shame.

Millions of men with a promise to keep,
Sent to fight for their country, for eternity sleep.
A medal, a ribbon, purple heart on your chest,
To the soldiers they left there, in peace may you rest.

Dog tags collected from those dead men so brave,
For the American Dream, their lives they then gave.
Those fields full of blood are now empty and bare,
And the death and destruction has moved on elsewhere.

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