Poetic-Verses, Rhythmic movments, short quips and scribble

   Let me just take a moment to introduce myself. I am a creative writing, artist, illustrator, and musician. I guess you could say that I have always had the knack for the arts and entertainment. All my life I have been striving for the superior ability to utilize my art work and writings. Always looking to achieve my lifetime goal to creatively entertain in the different fields of creative abilities. I have many goals and right now one of my main goals is to get my books of poetry published. Right now I am currently seeking an agent to represent me with the publishing of my books of poetry and later novels I eventually will write after I've achieved my first objective goal that gets me started in the Field of my choice. Which is to become known as a well known writer and illustrator. Write about anything and everything in every way poetry is written. I like that I have a place for a little exposure and feedback so I can let you read my lyrics, songs, limericks, haiku's, two liners and verses. Lately have found little time for things I really enjoy, so whenever I find myself here at this site I find that enjoyment I lacked for quite some time now. I hope that all changes for the coming years to come will start to fulfill my inspirational desire of creativity.

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