Shades of Darkness

A lifetime of being used
Constructed a being so opaque
Grown tired of constantly being abused
Exhausted from all the heartache

Leaving paranoia to be my best friend
Always expecting to be betrayed
Carrying a face that knows how to pretend
Reinforced with the prices I paid

Keeping the emotions still
With a persona thatís deceiving
Hiding the pain thatís real
With a mask thatís concealing

Happiness was taken from me
Leaving little left vulnerable
Leading a future in obscurity
Striving for a heart that's unrecoverable

Forever hiding in the shadows
Keeping from the light
Careful of what to expose
In an endless eternal night

Rendered to be heartless
Everything is always numb
Shades of darkness
Thatís what I have become

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Shades of Darkness

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