one soldier's thoughts

i have a lot to say but my mind is running at 200 miles an hour and my fingers just cant keep up
to start off i am no longer in Korea.. i left about 10 months ago may of 2006 and i am currently at
fort Bragg. I've been to many units and been "on orders" for Iraq many times. but none of them went through
except when i got to my new unit.. about a few months after i was getting orders to get stationed in
Kuwait.. i got moved to another unit who.. in may are deploying so i am pretty much stuck with them
unit i get back in 2008 ill be there for 15 months thanks to our wonderful president. so as of right now i only
have a few weeks to go before i leave... ha ha i already said that.. well i got to get going
i hope you all enjoy my poems if you see any mistakes or got some inspiration for me.. please
let me know ... thanks

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