Voices of the Lord

Hi my name is Debbie.
I am so excited to find a home
for the many words I am allowed to express.
What a joy this is!!!

The music you are listening
to is entitled "Home",
sung with the beautiful
angelic voice
of Melissa Champlion.
You can find her work at

If you are interested
to know more about me

What I write is by inspiration
only. In fact, if I do not feel
inspired, in myself,
I cannot write a thing.

I thank God for this gift
He has given me
and the ability
to put His thoughts
implanted on the inside
of me into words to share.

I am a 51 year old Mom and Grams.
My son and daughter recently moved
to the city I live and I love having
them close. My eldest daughter
and her family live in VA.

They are all wonderful,
kind and loving young adults.

Between them all they have added
to our family....mm...
let me think...
Oh my goodness.
We have five boys and one girl
and another on the way.
My grandchildren!!!
I love you all so much kids.

We were a 24 year Army family.
Our kids grew up in this life.
It was a wonderfully stressful life
and I loved every bit of it,
even those one year temporary
duty assignments we all had to endure.

Although, my children's dad and I
are no longer married
we remained with
a communication that survived.

My then husband was a first rate
soldier who retired
after 24 years
due to health issues.

I was and I still am
so proud of him
and what he accomplished
over the years he spent
serving our country.
He would have died for all of us
if God called him to.

My prayer is
you are blessed mightily.

May you have a victorious
and overcoming day today.

Blessings to you,


We need not worry about tomorrow,
it will take care of itself.
This moment in time,
right here and now,
is what we have been given by God.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers!!!

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