Voices of the Lord

Debra McGee Trammell


 2 Cor 3:16-18 NTL


16 But
whenever anyone
turns to the Lord,
then the veil
is taken away.

17 Now, the Lord
is the Spirit,
and wherever
the Spirit of the Lord is,
he gives freedom.

18 And all of us
have had that veil
so that we
can be mirrors
that brightly reflect
the glory of the Lord.
as the Spirit of the Lord
within us,
we become
more and more
like him
and reflect
his glory even more.



I'm so excited you decided to come for a visit.
It is so nice to meet you.
sit down in the easy chair,
put your feet up and
relax for a
  while with me and the Lord.
I am adding music to each page as I
receive it,
so please allow it to download.
I know it will bless you.


 Thank you for your visit
and please come see me again.
Hugs, Deb
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