The Void

Kadampa 94

We came together invited to listen and learn, as a group of strangers gather together to be enlightened and educated, on the ideology of Buddha's wisdom

  Through group meditation, we empty our minds, to let in pure thoughts, so we can improve ourselves through inner development.
 As we strive for inner peace and enrichment.  We learnt about the way we as a culture view the world, as we perceive others with negative habits of mind.

  We came here together unified in one goal. As practitioners of Buddhism or as an interested student of a spiritual ideology, we perform the same role.

 Buddha teaches us, that material development does not bring us happiness. As we strive for meaning or the notion of belonging and fulfilment.

 The Buddhist nun speaks with soft words and thought provoking ideas, as she teaches us to create space in our minds, for the act of clarity.
 Buddhism teaches us how to utilise our time, to meditate of the way we perceive the world around us.

 So we become mindful of everyday outward activities. If we can achieve ways of been peaceful and enlightened, then we can be happier in mind and spirit.

(This piece of work is a piece of work, discussing a lecture, on Buddhist practises held by Geng Kelsang Rigma. Kadampa Buddhist Nun at the
Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Hull).      

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Kadampa 94

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