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Poet: wishesloves

This is part of me,my hope, faith, belief, dreams and this is what my destiny

As humans we are born into sin.
We are born with this DNA that runs through our veins: we are cold blooded murders. We are born to kill, steals, and back stab each. Our destructive ways are pure evil. We are not only destroying our lovely Mother Earth. She has done nothing but good to us. She had provides, nourishes us, and protects us.
Yet, some of us humans just sit around and as we say in French "scratch in our derriere."
Some people complain while doing nothing, and watch while others selfish people destroying our innocent earth.
We bug ourselves way too much; we are doing things that make thee Protector of our life ill.
Why are we destroying our planet? Why are we over killing?
Why are we overfishing in our beautiful oceans?
Why are we over killing trees and causing destruction in our world?
Are we that bored with ourselves, or are we stupid, or are we just plain evil.
We use animals for lab research, and we destroy each other in the name of our self-fish evil.
We conquer what does not belong to us. No matter how much materials,
stuffs, and money we might have, we cannot take it with us once we die.
People are born naked into this world, and naked they will die.
We came into this world with nothing; indeed, we will leave this world with nothing.
Why not stop conquers, rather start appreciates things around you.
The blessing of the free air, the tree's the animals, and be thankful for everything including the little things.
Life is too short; the creator put us in this earth to be a caretaker while here on earth,
let's enjoys the simple thing, let's be thankful for the simple thing,
let's appreciate everything in this world.

When you look around you, what do you see?
When you look at an animal how do you feel?
When you touch the dirt on the earth what does your mind say?
When you see a flying animal, what does your heart tells you?
When we get into an airplane and flying from one destination to the next,
how do you reacted? Are you Thankful for Mother?
Are you thankful for breathing,
for waking up in the morning and see the sunshine once again?
The creator of heavens and earth does not have to grant you favor
or allow you to wake up the next day, yet his mercy and grace shine upon us every single moment in this world.
So if you're granting mercy and grace why are we not giving that same mercy
and grace back to our planet, back to our animals, back to our oceans?
It brings tears in my eyes, when I see evil is being done to Mother Earth,
to the Oceans, and to animals around the world.
I love animals more than I love humans.
I love Mother Earth more than I love my own life.
I love the ocean more than I enjoy breathing.
I walk around in this earth with grieves, sadness, sorrows,
pains and major hates, because of one thing Earth.

I will like to take the time to say Thank You to You:
Thank You for taking the time to read and place a few words.

Thank You,


Welcome,to my poetry site.

Thank You for visit my poetry site. I appreciate.
please feel free to read, add a comment and please feel free to sign the guest book.
I will be reading your feedback along with who sign the guest book.

Thank You, again.

Miss.Ņaņiah Ruach shalom April Terrier